5 Essential Items to Bring While Thrift Shopping

Posted On Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
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When you head out to your favorite thrift store, you’re typically thinking of all the goodies you’re going to score. But you should really take a few minutes to pack your purse with essential items that can ensure you’ll have an optimal shopping experience.
They’re all compact and take up just a teeny bit of space in your cross body bag, but they can affect everything from the way you try on clothes to how you lug your items around the store. Below are my five pics for items you should have in your thrift shopping arsenal. You might not need all five, but you certainly need a few…
What: Large shopping bag
Why: Not all stores have shopping carts and some don’t even have hand carts, so an easy way to grab as many items as possible is to use a large canvas or duffle bag {I’m partial to the oversized Ikea totes}. You can throw it over your shoulder and place clothes and accessories in as you shop.
What: Measuring tape
Why: It’s important to try clothes on before buying them, but that isn’t always an option. But a trusty tape measure can give you a better idea of how an item might fit. Moms and dads, this is especially helpful if you’re shopping for the little ones at home. Just compare the kiddies’ measurements to the garment in front of you to get an accurate idea of how the threads might fit.
What: Gloves/Mask/Antibacterial spray
Why: Germs are everywhere {at thrift and non-thrift stores}, but when you’re digging through crates and bins of clothes, it never hurts to slip on a pair of gloves or even a face mask. I used to think people were weird for wearing masks, but as my allergies have worsened and I’ve become super sensitive to anything in the air, I totally get it now. If you forget the gloves, a little bit of antibacterial spray can make your hands feel less icky.
What: Your phone
Why: You’ve got the phone in your bag anyway, so why not whip it out and use it to your advantage while shopping? It supplies some upbeat music {great when you’re shopping alone}, can help you research fashion labels {you may have scored a vintage gem!} and even acts as an impromptu mirror. If your store doesn’t have a mirror, ask a fellow shopper to snap a pic of you in a few of the clothes you selected. Review the pictures to see how the garment really looks on you.
What: Water and a snack
Why: It’s so easy to get caught up in a thrift store for hours and it’s even easier to get dehydrated. I’ve seen people get light headed and need to take a break because they’ve become overheated {this isn’t uncommon at major warehouse sales and/or in the summer}. In situations like this, a bottle of water, some nuts and/or a snack bar {I’m partial to KIND bars} can save the day.
These are just a few of the purse essentials I try to bring along with me.
Do you have any items you always carry with you while thrifting? How have they helped you have a better thrift shopping trip?
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