Would You Buy Groceries at a 99 cents store?

Posted On Monday, March 22nd, 2010
Filed Under: Dining on a Dime

Yes, I would! And I did.

Ok, don’t judge me too quickly, let me explain.

I needed some chicken broth for a meal but refused to spend almost 4 bucks for a carton of College Inn broth. I decided to forgo the broth and wait until it went on sale. That was until I stopped by my local 99 cent store for some dish detergent. As I roamed the aisles, I saw a familiar sight: the College Inn broth. I know how much this stuff costs so I couldn’t believe it was right in front of me for $1.19. The cheap-o in me had to buy it.

I felt a little weird but it was a brand I recognized and the expiration date was months away. However, I’m not so sure about purchasing sushi from a dollar store.

So what say you? Would you ever purchase food from a 99 cent or discount store?

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4 thoughts on “Would You Buy Groceries at a 99 cents store?

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