Winterize Your Wardrobe

Posted On Monday, November 2nd, 2009
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The mercury’s dropping but that doesn’t mean you have to dip into your wallet to adopt a new wardrobe. And in these economic times, who can afford that anyway? A few simple additions can make many spring or summer items wearable for winter months.

Here’s a thrift store checklist of pieces to add to your closet:

I’m a 24/7 heels kinda gal but even I know some weather conditions call for practicality. The last time I hit up Goodwill, I walked away with a pair of boots perfect for rain, sleet or snow. One of my go to outfits this summer was skinny jeans, a cute top and dainty flats. Now I can just sub in the boots and I’m good to go.


A good coat is one of the few things I’m willing to invest in. But if cash is tight and you’d rather invest in your Roth IRA, thrifting is the next best bet.  At Housing Works I found a swoon-worthy Banana Republic long wool coat but after closer inspection, I realized it had stains on the sleeve and back. No bueno! There are always tons of options to choose from (peacoats, bombers, leathers, etc), it’s just a matter of digging through the trash to find a treasure.

Blazer/Cardigan/Long Sleeve Shirt
I used to shy away from blazers because I thought they were too formal or stuffy, but I’ve realized a fitted blazer can give a look a more pulled together feel. And simple items like cardigans or long sleeve shirts are great to throw over (or under!) your favorite shift dress.


OK, I don’t recommend purchasing any hosiery secondhand, but they’re a quick solution if you don’t want to pack away your minis or tunics for the winter months. Any cheapie store can have your legs covered for 5 bucks or so. Instead of opting for basic black or brown, tights in funky patterns and colors brighten up bleak winter days and nights.

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