Why I Love Target’s Dollar Bins

Posted On Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
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I’m not a Target novice. As someone who craves a good deal, I’ve been down with Tar-jay for years.  But you know what I’ve recently “discovered”? The dollar bins at Target.
I normally pass right by them, but I was clearly making a mistake.
This weekend I made a trip to the magical bullseye for some ice cream and instead of passing right by the bins, I checked them out. I typically don’t do this because they can be a little unorganized and I feel it’s a bunch of stuff I don’t want or need.
But this time I found some cute home decor items and cute miscellaneous finds.
Peep the video to see what I scored as well as tips on how to avoid overspending and buying items you really don’t need.

Are you a fan of the dollar bins at Target? What’s the best item you’ve purchased? Have you ever regretted buying anything?
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6 thoughts on “Why I Love Target’s Dollar Bins

  1. I love the dollar bins too and have to be careful too! I recently got some garden tools there. They were just colorful little hand tools for kids but they were wood and metal and the perfect size for a little weeding and hole digging.

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