Here’s When You Should Book Flights in 2017

Posted On Tuesday, December 27th, 2016
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  travel-on-a-dime-looking-fly-on-a-dime-negril-jamaica-1024x1024 Remember how I saved more than $400 on a flight to the Bahamas by changing my departure date by one day? Well, that trip ended up being cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew, but I just rebooked my flight and I saved even more.
And that’s all because I’m traveling after the holiday, which equals tons of savings.

We all know traveling during any major holiday {Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, etc.} means airlines hike up the prices because everyone wants to travel during that time. However, if possible, book your flight a week after a major holiday. Demand won’t be as high and you’ll be able to find a better deal.

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Because I’m heading to the Bahamas after the Christmas and New Year’s Eve rush, my flight from NYC was just $67. Yes, less than 70 bucks for a flight to the Caribbean. And my roundtrip was just $240 {$150 less than my original flight in November}.

And according to this Washington Post article, here are the best times to buy airline tickets and it turns out January in the Caribbean is super affordable.

Taking a trip the week after a holiday doesn’t just mean saving on your flight, you’ll also see savings in other areas. Hotels have lower occupancy rates after a holiday rush, so the rates are lower and the same goes for restaurants, tours and more.
So take a look at the upcoming holidays in 2017 and book a few days or weeks after for serious savings.
What time of the year have you booked the best flight deals? 
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