What’s New and What’s Being Nixed for 2016

Posted On Monday, January 11th, 2016
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2016 is already off to a busy start, but I’m sure excited about what’s in store for Looking Fly on a Dime. Two weeks ago you awesome people filled out the reader survey and told me what you want and offered general feedback.
Well, I heard you loud and clear. Here’s what you’ll see more off and what you will no longer see on the site at all for 2016.

What You’ll See More Of
Style Advice/ How to Wear
There’s no doubt you guys love the thrift shopping tips and thrift hauls {it’s a huge part of Looking Fly on a Dime!}, but you also want more styling advice. And I’m all for that!
Some of you know before I started the blog, I worked at a fashion magazine, so fashion has been my background before there ever was a Looking Fly on a Dime. And I’ve always loved using this site as a platform to take the intimidation factor out of fashion and make style fun and accessible for all women. So for 2016 you’ll continue to see my “how to” stories. I’ve already done a few of those posts {how to style vintage clothing, 10 Ways to Wear 1 Dress, etc.}, but I’d love to do more for you and really tackle specific needs on how to wear what you have in your closet or how to tackle a new trend.
Also, this past fall I announced I would be creating downloadable style guides and that’s exactly what I started. The most recent guide was 10 Ways to Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive. You’ve all responded really well to these style guides and I can’t wait to produce more for you. An individual blog post is great, but sometimes you just need a little something more in depth, that can be printed or downloaded to your phone and referred back to when you’re in a style rut.
So stay tuned for upcoming style guides. My goal is to produce one a month!
My goal is to keep serving you accessible, affordable style advice. 
Ah, making YouTube videos is my love. And apparently you love them too. Here’s the thing, I’m prepared to do more, but I don’t want them to become too repetitive {i.e. tons of thrift shopping hauls!}. So if you have any ideas for what types of videos you want to see, just comment below. Hmm, maybe a go shopping with me video where I take you inside a thrift shop?! I don’t know, so feel free to let me know exactly what you’re interested in seeing. You can see more of my YouTube videos here.
What You’ll See Less Of
Admittedly, I’m not a beauty girl. I mean, I can barely apply liquid eyeliner and according to the survey results, you don’t particularly care to see beauty on a dime posts. So maybe I’ll share a new affordable beauty product I love on Instagram or Facebook, but a post solely devoted to beauty goods, no more!
Also, the results told me a chunk of you want to see less Travel on a Dime posts. Well, that’s where I have to respectfully veto. I’ve been doing a lot more traveling lately and love sharing tips that make travel accessible if your budget is limited. And surprisingly, some of my most shared posts on Twitter and Pinterest have been travel related: Bougie Girl’s Guide to Staying in a Hostel and 7 Ways for Women to Save, Have Fun & Be Safe When Traveling Alone. So there will continue to be travel on a dime pieces for the people who need the inspiration and tips to see the world on a shoestring budget.
How Often You’ll See New Content
Twice a week
This past year I cut back from posting every day to three days a week {Monday, Wednesday and Thursday}. Moving forward I’ll have a new post up every Monday and Thursday. Wait, less posts???? Yes, but they’ll be more in depth and of greater service. The style guides take a bit of time to produce and design, so I’d rather devote time to banging those out for you. So yeah, two posts a week, but I can promise they’ll serve your style needs.
And if you’re following me on social media {Twitter and Facebook}, then you’ll see that every single day I’ll be posting links to older posts you may have missed. So even when there isn’t a new post on the site, I’ll be sharing useful content on social channels. If you’re new to Looking Fly on a Dime, then you’ve probably missed these posts and if you’ve been around for a while, you still may have missed the original post and this will be a nice refresher. And of course, I’m on Instagram and Snapchat {PatriceJWill} every day and that’s where I share the thrift and cheap chic shopping adventures.
Thanks again to everyone who took the survey. I really, really appreciate your feedback.
Cheers to an awesome, stylish 2016! 
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5 thoughts on “What’s New and What’s Being Nixed for 2016

  1. On styling advice ideas.

    My closet is full of one-off pieces that I LOVE but I find when I buy separates I have a hard time feeling good about matching another piece (top or bottom).

    I am 55. So while I love bright colors and fun patterns I really think it’s time to dial it bck to a more sophisticated and tailored look.

    Capsule wardrobes. I would like to own 10 good pieces that work for everything.

    Thank you!

    • I am with @Lizw I have a bunch of pieces that I adore and can’t part with, but never wear because I don’t the right whatever, usually bottoms.

      • Ah, yes, this is such a common problem. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll do a post on effortless mixing and matching soon!

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