What’s In Store: Joyce Leslie + When to Pass on Cheap Clothing

Posted On Monday, July 28th, 2014
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What's In Store: Joyce Leslie

This weekend I went shopping with my cousin since she wanted to find an outfit for an 80s pool party, so we naturally went to Joyce Leslie. The affordable fashion retailer is a staple on the East Coast. Until this weekend, I hadn’t stepped foot in one of the stores in years, but as an undergrad, I shopped at Joyce Leslie at least every other week when I wanted a cute $20 dress. Though quite a few of the clothes were adorable, I also saw some major misses.
Check out what I found at Joyce Leslie, plus quick tips on what to look for and avoid when shopping at a “cheap” clothing store.
Joyce Leslie was full of trendy summer pieces you would expect: jumpsuits, rompers, club attire and sundresses. I knew my cousin would have no problem finding something for an 80s theme party {she chose the tulle skirt above}, but it’s also possible to shop at a store like Joyce Leslie, Rainbow or Conway and find quality pieces, but only if you know what to avoid.
Summer Sandals
While it’s a fashion no-no to buy cheaply made shoes, I think stocking up on a few cheap-y sandals for summer is always a good thing. Joyce Leslie had a ton of strappy flat sandals and embellished flip flops for about $15. Of course these most won’t last through the years, but they’re perfect for pounding the pavement for one season or hitting the beach.
Pay Attention to Material
You tend to get what you pay for and that’s really true when it comes to clothing material. I loved this little one piece with the brocade-like shorts and flouncy top. But the materials felt flimsy. In a case like this, don’t be afraid to go up one size. There’s nothing worse than when material pulls, but it’s especially horrible when cheap material pulls. It really highlights every ripple and seam. Also, faux leather can be great, but just make sure it doesn’t look like poorly made faux leather. The same goes for sheer.
Go for the Gold and Clutches
Scoring an amazing, quality satchel won’t happen, however you can and should stock up on bangles and small, trendy bags. Joyce Leslie has loads of bangles in a ton of colors and finishes. If you’re worried about the jewelry irritating your skin, just give the accessories a quick coat of clear spray paint. Also, I was obsessed with this lucite clutch and faux snakeskin coin purse. It’s trendy and affordable, so no big deal if it doesn’t stand the test of time.
Think Twice About Embellishments
See those embellished tops? They’re cute, but it’s only a matter of time before one jewel falls off. When one starts unraveling, sometimes you can camouflage it because the embellishments are so small. But what usually happens is when one falls off, it creates a domino effect and it’s only a matter of time before an entire row of jewels or pearls are gone.
Keep an Eye Out for the Occasional Statement Piece
Now that you know to be weary of cheap material and overly embellished garments, don’t be surprised to find a wow-worthy, quality piece with a wallet-friendly price tag. I came across quite a few clothes that fit that bill. This crochet and lace romper was absolute perfection and when I saw this sweetheart neckline jumpsuit on the mannequin, I had to try it on. It was $38 {too expensive for Joyce Leslie?}, but felt pretty solid, had great detailing and would be a great addition to any wardrobe. *My toe is bandaged because I broke it a few days ago!*
Do you have a Joyce Leslie in your area? What items are you willing to buy there and what do you pass on? Is there a maximum amount you will spend at an affordable retail chain?
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