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Posted On Monday, February 16th, 2015
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It’s Fashion Week here in New York and though this should be the time of high style, I’m seeing some sartorial choices that have left me scratching my head. Style is totally personal and we can all rock what we want, but I’m absolutely baffled by women who are foregoing warmth for style. The temperatures are below zero, but I’ve seen fashionistas in open toe sandals and light layers. Um, no!

Ladies, style and warmth can coexist. I previously did a Style Equation feature {quick fashion combos that make it easy to get dressed!} last year, but now is the time to resurrect it. Check out the 5 style essentials you need to get dressed in the cold weather. I promise, you’ll be warm and cute!

As you can tell by the handy graphic above {feel free to print it out for your future reference or Pin it!}, you really just need a few basics to take on any frigid day.

Base: This is your foundation and can feature your favorite dress  {with warm tights} or jeans and a top. These are the basics every woman has in her closet and wears on a regular basis.

Coat: I can’t stress enough how important a statement coat is. The first thing people notice about your winter getup is your choice of outerwear, so why not go bold with a bright color or structured details? Right now is actually the perfect time to shop for a winter coat, as most stores have them discounted. And you can also check out this post: 5 Tips to Thrift a Winter Coat.

: Ladies, it’s okay to ditch the open toe shoes and stilettos for a lug sole boot or wellies. I know rain boots can look and feel clunky, but cute options do exist. Or try a flat riding boot if you prefer a more sleek style. Just be sure to protect your winter boots from salt and other elements.

Topper: You can always keep your outfit simple, but those finishing touches {or toppers} can really elevate your look. Think of them as the garments or accessories to top your look off with. This can include a faux fur vest or printed knee high socks over your leggings.

Warm Accessories: Just before you’re heading out the door, don’t forget the pieces that will keep you from turning into a popsicle: a long scarf you can wrap around a few times, wide brim hat, touch screen gloves, etc.

When you follow this equation, you’ll have a winter chic outfit in no time. No more sacrificing your warmth for style!

How do you get dressed when it’s freezing outside? Do you have a fashion formula or equation you follow to get dressed quickly?

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