Cubicle Chic: 3 Ways to Style a Pencil Skirt

Posted On Tuesday, January 14th, 2014
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stylish pencil skirts, how to style a pencil skirt

Dressing for the office does not have to be drab and boring when on a budget. I love to incorporate trendy alternatives in place of the classic office staple. A pencil skirt is a timeless silhouette and universally pleasing on all body types, making it a favorite among all office environments. Blending in is the last thing you want if you’re looking to score that promotion!

So here are a few affordable pencil skirt looks to guarantee you out shine your competition.

classic pencil skirt, how to style a pencil skirt, conservative office attire skirt / blouse / earrings / heels / bag

You want to look appropriate, but not stuffy. You can never really go wrong with a neutral color palette – a black, beige, navy or grey skirt is ideal. Keep the length at or below the knee and add touches of glitz and glam with a lace top and sparkly studs. Refrain from bearing too much skin, stick with a high neckline and long sleeves. This look is feminine without being too bold, perfect for a conservative office.

sequin pencil skirt, how to style a pencil skirt  skirt / blazer / button down / booties / bag

Your coworkers are expecting you to be unique. Be a little daring, but be sure not to overdo it. Have fun with trends like a sequin pencil skirt or leather trimmed blazer. Choose well fitted and tailored pieces to keep the ensemble looking chic and not cheap. Offset the sexiness of the sequins with a traditional staple such as a white button down. This look is perfect for a creative environment where your individuality is an asset.

casual pencil skirt, how to style a casual pencil skirt skirt / tee / earrings / flats / bag

You want to look laid back but definitely look the part. Incorporate casual pieces like a denim or khaki pencil skirt and tee. Spruce things up with accents and embellishments. A jeweled collar and metallic flats are perfect for a touch of sparkle. Who said you had to sacrifice comfort for style?

What type of office environment do you work in? How do you/would you rock a pencil skirt to really showcase your style but still remain professional? 

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One thought on “Cubicle Chic: 3 Ways to Style a Pencil Skirt

  1. Thank you for this, i like seeing articles that give me many options! Office wear doesn’t always have to equal frumpy.

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