Vintage Shopping in Los Angeles

Posted On Tuesday, March 8th, 2011
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Yesterday I showed you some of the L.A. thrift stores I visited and now it’s time for the vintage shops I made my way to.

Once again I was on Magnolia and noticed two vintage stores next to one another, Hubba Hubba {3220 W Magnolia} and Swift Vintage Shoppe {3212 W Magnolia}. I thought it must be destiny for me to stop in on both locations since they’re next door, but unfortunately, neither one is open on Mondays. Sigh.

That didn’t stop me from peeking through the glass to try to see what they had to offer. I was beautiful lace numbers, full dresses and bold colors.

We kept it moving until we made our way to Wasteland in Burbank. With four locations in California, customers sell their gently worn designer goods and vintage pieces.

On my visit I saw labels like Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, Lanvin and more. I was in absolute heaven in this store. The prices ranged from $50-$150 for clothing. I went to the back of the store and was in awe of the shoe selection.

Labels ranged from Lanvin, Cynthia Steffe, Marc Jacobs and more and styles varied from stilettos to wedges to sparkly flats. I didn’t see anything for more than $75, except the Lanvin, it was behind a glass and I didn’t see the price tag.

{Cynthia Steffe, $75}

{Marc Jacobs zipper heels, $75}

{i came close to getting these Miss Sixty wedges but I noticed some wear and tear. $45}

{these Report high heel oxfords were an absolute shoegasm but i put them back due to scratches on the sides. I kinda regret not getting them. $30}

Next to the shoes was the vintage dresses. I couldn’t believe all of the amazing dresses I found and I didn’t come across and everything I saw was less than $30.

{$20 for this detailed frock}

{$28 for this looker}

They both had amazing detailing at the shoulders but I settled on the latter option. The keyhole cut out on the back and the amazing fit pushed it over the edge.

{hello lover}

{view from the back}

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3 thoughts on “Vintage Shopping in Los Angeles

  1. I need to bookmark this post for future LA trips. Great stuff and the prices aren’t bad. I can’t believe the sequin dresses are so cheap. I paid double that just for a top in NY.

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