7 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe without Spending a Dime

Posted On Monday, February 29th, 2016
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Update Your Wardrobe Without Spending a Penny - 7 Styling Tips Have you ever wanted or needed to shop for new clothes but your budget just won’t allow it? Yeah, I think we’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re just tired of looking at the same old clothes you’ve been wearing for years.

Luckily, there’s a way to look like you went shopping for a new wardrobe without spending a single penny. Read below to see how little changes can give your old threads new life and a new look.

Belt It 

7 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe Without Spending a Penny Seriously, a belt is one of the most underutilized, yet versatile accessories. You know that long cardigan you wear all the time? Just belt it! Also, I love adding different belts over a trench coat, because who says you have to stick with the belt that came with the coat? Switching out the belt can give you a new look every time you wear it.

You’re probably tired of hearing about layering and how to layer, but there’s a reason layering is so often mentioned. And that’s because this styling tips is pretty awesome! This was also a look we saw during Fashion Week. If you’re still unsure of layering, here’s how to easily do it. Just get dressed as you normally would and then take a step back and ask yourself if you can use another layer. Maybe draping a lightweight printed scarf over your scoop neck shirt, adding a long duster over your crop pants or a chunky sweater over your chambray shirt. The options are really endless. The layer just adds another layer of interest to your look.


I guess I've got a thing for brooches! They're great at dressing up a blazer or denim jacket.

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I’ve mentioned my love of brooches before and I’ll forever love them! Sometimes the jewels can get a bad rap for being a bit matronly, but that’s sooooo not the case. I’ve always found a ton of brooch options at thrift shops, everything ranging from a Miu Miu leather brooch at Goodwill for $6 to statement making brooches for $1 at the flea market to pins that were in my grandmother’s jewelry box. Adding a cluster to your denim jacket or the lapel of your blazer can be a fun update to those wardrobe staples you wear on a daily basis.

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Knot It or Tuck It
Shirts, sweaters and button downs seem pretty simple, right? I mean you’ve probably been wearing them the same way, right? But instead of just throwing it on, taking a few seconds can transform the look and even your shape! Undo a few buttons on your white button down and knot it in the front for a more relaxed vibe. Or take your chunky sweater and tuck the front into your jeans and top off with a thin belt. These simple fixes can also help define your waist.

Different Pairings

7 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe Without Spending a Penny
You probably have your go-to look {here’s why it’s so important to have a fashion uniform} and there’s nothing wrong with that. But one way to create a new look is by taking what you would normally wear and switching it up slightly. For example: my go-to look tends to be a fitted top, blazer, skinny jeans and heels. But sometimes I’ll take that same look and add or subtract an element, such as belting the blazer or swapping the heels out for flat riding boots and cable knit socks. Simple additions can make a major difference.

Change the Vibe 
Some clothes naturally have an air to them. Blazers can feel stuffy. Leather can seem vamp-ish. But one way to change your look up is by juxtaposing styles. So that leather pencil skirt you were leery about? Just wear it with a casual knotted button down shirt. Or one big trend right now is pairing a long or girly dress with sneakers. This is such a chic look! Again, change the vibe of the garment {make a dress less dressy, leather less va-va-voom, etc.} and you’ll look like you have a totally new wardrobe!

Cuff Your Pants

7 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe Without Spending a Penny Cuffing is one of those things you can do in seconds, literally seconds, and have a new look. You might remember when I scored these $3 vintage high waisted jeans at the Salvation Army. I was unsure of how to wear them because they have a mom jeans vibe but once I started playing around with the hem? Total game changer! Cuffing the jeans gave less of a mom vibe and now they’re one of my favorite pairs of denim. Also, a change in cuff can make your jeans or trousers more wearable with certain types of shoes.

Spring is just a few weeks away so everyone’s looking to revamp their look, and these tips allow you to do just that without spending a penny and using what you’ve got.

How do you maximize your wardrobe? Do you have tips to give your old clothes a new look? 

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4 thoughts on “7 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe without Spending a Dime

  1. As alway you gave some great ideas ! About the brooches , I like to place a broach in an unexpected place like if it’s a animal or insect I might put it on my sleeve or my shoulder! If it’s a large brooch I may pin it at my hip , I will sometimes pin a broach on the back of neck when I’m wearing my hair up! It just adds a little interest to a plain black dress and no one expects there to be jewelry there ! I’ve also been buying men’s silk ties at thrift stores! You can usually find these for a dollar or less and the colors and patterns are amazing ! I’ve been using them as belts , in my hair , as a make shift ” turtleneck ” and also I wear them as you guessed it ,Neckties! I hope this helps with wardrobe updating ! Love your ideas and can’t wait for your next post !

    • Thanks Kimber, for the comment and the great suggestions.

      I love the idea of adding brooches to unexpected, quirky places. So fun! And ties are always great and like you said, they can be found for a dollar or so.

  2. Loooooooovvvee this post!

    Thank you for these great tips! For a fashionista who is on a budget this was a great read. I will be applying these tips ASAP!

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