Update Your Style: Raid Your Mom’s Closet

Posted On Wednesday, January 9th, 2013
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Over the holiday, something crazy happened. Well, not crazy as in weird, but crazy as in awesome.

While home in Jersey, I saw a large trash bag in the attic and being the nosy person I am, I opened it up. And to my surprise, a ton of great purses were inside. When I say great, I mean mint condition designer and vintage handbags.
I rummaged through the Hefty bag and found close to two dozen cross body purses that belonged to my aunt. She planned on donating them, but I was lucky enough to find this treasure chest before she could do so. I kindly asked if I could take a few of her hands and she more than obliged.
This brings me to today’s topic: raid your mom’s {or aunt, grandma, older sister, etc.} closet.
You never know what amazing pieces she has that are collecting dust or bound for the local thrift store. The beautiful vintage pieces that women pay top dollar for, where do you think they come from? Someone’s momma’s closet.
Even if your mom or grandma wasn’t or isn’t the most stylish woman, you may be surprised at what you’ll find.
Fashion is so cyclical so the jumpsuits from the 70s, secretary blouses of the 80s and even backpacks of the 90s are what’s new and stylish once again.
I know you’re saying, but my mom and I aren’t the same size, so now what? That’s not a problem. If some clothes are too big, they can be belted or just check for accessories like bags and jewelry, which are one size fits all.
So, check your mom/grandma/sister/auntie/godmother’s closet and go shopping for new to you pieces. You can even turn it in to a bonding experience with her telling you the backstory of some of her favorite pieces.
I ended up taking four or five of my aunt’s purses and carried the striped number with me on New Year’s Eve. It paired so well with my cape from Loehmann’s {last worn here and get a similar style here} and a faux fur collar I thrifted from Housing Works Buy the Bag sale.
What’s old {and someone’s no longer wanted treasure} can always be new again.
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