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Posted On Monday, November 11th, 2013
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As you can see from above, I’ve been feeling sweatshirts over the past year. From Mickey to my basic gray sweatshirt {less than $1 at Salv Army}, I love a good sweatshirt. And if you’ve been paying attention to what’s trendy, you know sweatshirts are having a serious moment. Suddenly, they’re chic and in vogue. They’re no longer just the sloppy shirt you wear to the gym or on a lazy Saturday.
If you’re looking to get in on the trend, here’s how you can score a sweatshirt from your local secondhand shop and ways to style them, including a few DIY options.
When looking for a sweatshirt, of course you can check the women’s section, but don’t overlook the guy’s department either. Basic grey, black and emerald green shirts won’t be hard to come by and you won’t spend more than a dollar or two. And if you’re lucky, you can cop a cutesy sweatshirt with a screen printed image, kinda like my vintage Mickey sweatshirt from Housing Works Buy the Bag.
But exactly how do you wear a sweatshirt in a non-sloppy, just-rolled-out-of-bed way? You can take a page out of my book and layer it over a button down with skinny jeans and booties or throw it over a glitzy dress. There’s no wrong way to do it, it’s just about pairing the sweatshirt with chic/edgy/glam pieces that juxtapose the shirt’s casual vibe. Adding a statement necklace over a sweatshirt is a quick way to go from blah to ah!!!
And if you’re in to a little DIY, check out the options below. With a basic thrifted sweatshirt, you can add some sequins, elbow patches or even convert it into a blazer!
diy embellished sweatshirt, embellished sweatshirt diy Embellished Sweatshirt via Glitter ‘N Glue
So have a little fun this season, buy a $1 sweatshirt and let your imagination run wild.
If you’re looking for sweatshirts that are a bit fancier, check out a post I wrote for Buzzfeed on 30 Sweatshirts You Can Wear to Work {I’m obsessed with the option below…this could even be a DIY idea!}.
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