How to Find Your Ideal Travel Partner (Major Key for a Happy, Affordable Trip!}

Posted On Monday, May 2nd, 2016
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Have you ever been miserable or just annoyed on what could have been an awesome vacation? Yeah, maybe you have and it may have been due to the fact you chose the wrong travel partner.

How to Find Your Ideal Travel Partner (Major Key for a Happy, Affordable Trip!}

Picking the right travel buddy can lead to an enjoyable trip, but also help cut costs. Here’s what you should keep in mind when finding the right person to travel with.

Similar Budget
So what are you trying to spend?” This is something my friends and I ask each other a lot when it comes to pretty much everything. If your budget is more dollar menu but your friend is trying to dine at a Michelin star restaurant, you might not be the best travel companions. This mindset really applies to your overall trip. When I went to Jamaica last year, my friend LaToya booked everything and I told her my max was $1000 for a 5-day all inclusive resort. Her budget was a bit more and she wanted to stay longer, but she found a deal that came out to $1,001 for my portion. Because we booked together through Cheap Caribbean, we each saved a few hundred dollars, compared to booking separately. However, we both stayed within our respective budget.

How to Find Your Ideal Travel Partner (Major Key for a Happy, Affordable Trip!}

Same Travel Goals
Every trip can have a different goals. Some are for pure relaxation and others are adventure and adrenaline based. And some are a mixture of both. Whatever your goal is, just make sure you and your travel buddy are on the same page. There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to venture out and explore but your friend wants to lounge around all day. Get on the same page or maybe figure out how to compromise so you’re both getting exactly what you want. If you’re more of an adventurer, travel with someone who’s down for a thrill, as you can get a better deal on tours if you’re in a group versus flying solo.

How to Find Your Ideal Travel Partner (Major Key for a Happy, Affordable Trip!}

Accommodation Expectations
Some people are more no frills and others want to go all out when it comes to lodging. I’m okay with a hostel {check out the Bougie Girl’s Guide to Staying in a Hostel}, as long as it’s clean and safe, but I have friends who give major side eye at the though of even stepping foot into one! Where do you and your travel buddy/buddies stand? It’s great if you find someone who sees things exactly as you do, but usually you’ll have to meet somewhere in the middle. So if you want a five star hotel but your buddy wants to go the hostel route, maybe you can find a 3 star that’s safe, clean, offers continental breakfast and is close to the best attractions. You can split the cost and everyone gets what they want or need.

How to Find Your Ideal Travel Partner (Major Key for a Happy, Affordable Trip!}

Dining Out
Just like lodging, dining out requires you to be on the same page. Otherwise, your budget can seriously suffer! While one person may feel dropping $40 per meal is no big deal, that may put a serious dent in another person’s tight budget. Luckily you can look up most restaurant’s menus {and prices!} online or just take a peek at the menu when you arrive but before you sit down. Also, be clear on how you’re going to split the bill before the actual bill comes. I’ve dined with people who like to split everything down the middle {regardless of who had what!} and others are more comfortable paying for exactly what they ordered. The dining options, plus how the bill will be handled should all be figured out beforehand.

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Has a Travel Account
Now, this isn’t always necessary, but if you’re someone who loves last minute travel {and want someone to do it with!}, then you need that buddy who has the cash to drop on a fare that randomly pops up. When there are last minute glitches for airfare, there’s really no time to waste. Hit up your friend who you know is a fellow travel lover and can make a decision within the next 30 minutes or hour and get that trip booked and start planning your next adventure! And here are some tips to save for your next vacation.

Finding the right travel partner can take a bit of trial and error, but once you find the one{s}, you’ll have awesome adventures and your wallet will thank you!

Do you have a go-to travel partner? Or do you prefer to travel solo? How do you know you’ll get along with someone while traveling? 

How to Find Your Ideal Travel Partner (Major Key for a Happy, Affordable Trip!}

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