Top 3 Affordable, Quality Jeans

Posted On Monday, May 5th, 2014
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Though I’m usually a dress kinda girl {did you see my last Thrifty Threads bodycon dress post!?}, I also love a good skinny jean. They’re super comfortable and easily dress up or down.
I’ve thrifted a few pairs of great jeans, but I always have an issue with finding quality denim that fits. I’m petite {only 5’2″} but I’ve got a little booty and some thighs, so avoiding the dreaded waist gap is an issue. Oh, and you know when you’ve been rocking a pair of jeans for too long and they get the dreaded crotch rip? I’ve even worn designer denim that rip after too much wear.
But luckily, after years of being a skinny jean connoisseur {more than 20 pairs!}, I’ve narrowed down my top 3 brands for affordable, quality denim. These won’t set you back a ton and there’s no crotch rip!
Forever 21
I’ve raved about why I prefer Forever 21 jeans over designer denim and I’m still a diehard fan. I still have three pairs of F21 jeans I bought years ago. The colors haven’t faded and there are no tears in spite of the fact I’ve rocked them on average twice a week for 3+ years. I scored mine when they were on sale for about $12, but even at full price, they’re affordable. I suggest that when you find a pair you like, buy them in different colors and remember what size you are, so you can avoid the crowded stores and dressing rooms and just order online.
Rock & Republic for Kohl’s
Until last year, I never hit up Kohl’s for jeans, I mainly stuck to their cute LC Lauren Conrad dresses and skirts, but I quickly changed that when I gave the Rock & Republic denim a chance. I forget the style name, but there’s one pair of skinnies in particular that fit like a glove. They hug my hips and behind {without squishing it down!} and sit perfectly on my waist. That combo is hard to come by. And there’s even a pair of Rock & Republic for Kohl’s boyfriend jeans that are relaxed without being overly baggy. Kohl’s always, always has sales going on, so get savings on top of savings when you score these jeans.
Jessica Simpson
Hmm, I can’t remember the last album Jessica Simpson recorded, but what I do know for sure? Her jeans are amazing. Her shoes are really great as well, but for now, let’s focus on the jeans. I first gave them a try while shopping at TJ Maxx about two years ago. I grabbed the red skinny jeans off of the rack and didn’t pay attention to the label. Once I tried them on, I was sold and that’s when I realized that Jessica Simpson designed them. The fit was on point and years later, they show not a single sign of wear. I believe these jeans were just under 20 bucks. A great thing about shopping at a discount department store is trying new brands at wallet-friendly prices and this time, I’m so glad I did!
These are just a few of my favorite affordable brands that are high on quality and stand the test of time.
What are your top affordable lines for jeans? Have you tried any of the ones I mentioned above?
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3 thoughts on “Top 3 Affordable, Quality Jeans

    • yeah, I’ve never had that issue. Check the original F21 denim post I did (linked above). Everyone in the comments section also seems to agree the jeans are great. Maybe try different cuts.

  1. Jessica Simpson has never failed me when it comes to pants, tops and dresses. I have a F21 pair of jeans that are just Ok. I am featuring a pair of Jessica’s jeans on my blog today.

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