TJ Maxx Shoe Haul

Posted On Monday, March 8th, 2010
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On Saturday afternoon I magically found myself at TJ Maxx. I think I was inspired by The Budget Babe‘s recent visit.

Of course I immediately scurried to the shoe department. One of the first pairs I saw was a sparkly, sequin pair of Betsey Johnson Kanata pumps. I couldn’t believe my shoe lusting eyes. I remembered seeing these bad boys months ago in Macy’s but refused to pay $200 for them. Now…they were only $99. I snatched them up without even thinking.

I kept searching the aisles and what did my eyes see? Several pairs of Paris Hilton pumps. I’m not a Paris fan, and I’m really not sure what she’s famous for but I certainly swooned over the shoes. The deep purple. Platform. Studs. $49. I was sold. And they fit like a glove.

*sidenote: I went there to purchase a floor mat for my bathroom but I walked out with two pairs of shoes, and no mat. Sigh

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