Thrifty Threads: Vintage Balenciaga Meets Trendy Black and White

Posted On Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013
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Looking Fly on a Dime thrift shopping A few months ago I was shopping at Housing Works Buy the Bag {$25/bag of clothes} and the trip seemed like a bit of a bust. I went with my girl because they were offering a 2 for 1 deal during the summer. It went like this: bring a friend and one of you gets a free bag. We split the cost so our individual bags were just $12.50 each!
After shopping for 30 minutes, I found a few items, but nothing really wowed me. That was until I dug through a bin and found a pair of oxblood booties. I thought they were cute and the heel was a manageable height versus my normal 5 inchers. Oh, and then I looked inside the shoes and realized they were Balenciaga!!!
I stuffed about 25 or 26 items in my bag, so 25 items for $12.50 equaled 50 cents per piece. So I paid less than $1 for vintage Balenciaga.
I finally wore the shoes last weekend and updated the vintage style with trendy pieces like black and white houndstooth pants by Evleo and a crisp white denim jacket from Kohl’s. Denim jackets are a wardrobe staple but instead of the basic blue, white is also a great option. And yes, you can wear white after Labor Day.
Printed pants can be tricky, but a darker bottom is easily wearable and more figure flattering. And the pants have a hint of green, which adds an easy injection of color. The shoes also gave a touch of color along with a chunky Rara Avis by Iris Apfel necklace and Prima Donna drop earrings.
I love the idea of mixing modern and vintage pieces, especially when the vintage gem was less than a buck!
The Housing Works Buy the Bag is already affordable, you can’t beat $25 for a bag full of clothing, but don’t overlook a thrift store’s sales. Different stores have different discount days and offers, so be sure to follow your favorite shop on Twitter and/or sign up for their newsletter so you’re always in the know.
What’s been your best thrift store score so far? Do the shops in your area have special discount days where you can really rack up?
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5 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads: Vintage Balenciaga Meets Trendy Black and White

  1. Loves it! My Goodwill usually has a 25% off sale certain items every day (jeans, anything with a red tag, etc.). I always score serious deals.

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