Thrifty Threads: Tis the Season to Wear White

Posted On Monday, December 9th, 2013
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thrifty threads, thrift store style, looking fly on a dime One of the most antiquated fashion myths is the idea that you should never wear white after Labor Day. Yes, you can {and should!} wear white this winter season. It’s crisp, clean and has an automatic chic-ness to it. Of course it’s all about the material. White linen pants would be a no-no in winter, but a sharp white/cream/off white coat is a definite yes.

Winter is rearing her frigid, ugly head so that means it’s time for me to whip out my trusty fur collar Zara coat I scored from Housing Works Buy the Bag. As it turned out, my entire look {minus the gloves and tights} was thrifted and head to toe cost less than $25.
When winter comes, you’re bound to be in your coat for extended periods of time, so it should be one that’s fly and makes a major statement {fur, intricate buttons, bold hue, etc.}. And footwear is also an easy way to make sure your style isn’t cramped by the cold temps. Last week I showed you my latest Salvation Army thrift haul,
so it was only right I rocked my red, lace up booties. And my printed wrap dress and leather bag is also from the same Salvation Army on 46th Street.
leather purse, vintage leather purse  *furry, fingerless gloves c/o April Marin
I think every woman has dealt with rocking a pair of tights with boots or booties only to have the foot portion be extra slippery and not provide as much comfort while walking. Well, that’s where Boot Tights by Shelby Mason comes in. They’re tights but the black, foot portion is a sock! This ankle height part normally doesn’t show when worn with boots or high booties, but for the sake of this post, I hiked them up a bit so you can see what they look like.
Besides my purse, I kept the accessories to a minimum with the necklace I scored from the Housing Works Fashion for Action benefit.
So break the “rules” this season and throw on some white. Trust me, you’ll love it! If you need some more inspiration, check out my Cheap and Chic post for 5 White Hot Garments for Winter.
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