Thrifty Threads – Purple & Gold

Posted On Friday, November 4th, 2011
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looking fly on a dime, housing works buy the bag sale

I’ve always been a fan of bright denim, even before it was trendy. Well, I’m a fan of bright anything, so when I found a pair of purple jeans at the Housing Works Buy the Bag sale, I threw them in the bag.

Instead of pairing with a simple black top, I threw on the vintage silk top {also from the Housing Works sale} and a canary yellow Banana Republic cardigan. The colder weather is no excuse to store away the bold colors.

I realized my entire outfit, accessories included, was thrifted. The entire look was less than $20.

python earrings, looking fly on a dime

Oh wait, I lied. The entire look isn’t thrifted. The animal print earrings were a $5 flea market find.

vintage top, looking fly on a dime

The shirt, cardigan, belt and jeans were less than $1 each.

bright jeans, brocade heels, looking fly on a dime

These have to be one of my fave pairs of shoes, maybe it’s the gold heel that I really adore.

Cardigan, shirt, belt, jeans, shoes, bracelets: thrifted // Earrings: flea market

Week 5 of my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge {a full year where I only buy second-hand clothing} is down. Only 47 more week to go!

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9 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads – Purple & Gold

  1. That whole look is sooooo me… You look so fab and have pushed me even more to go to the, “Housing Works by The Bag Sale.” Those gold heels are hot but ot bad I can’t wear pointed shoes as they make my feet hurt, lol….Love it! Awesome job!

  2. I am a fellow NY thrifter and in case you didn’t already know about this gem, you simply must visit.  It’s a small chain called Unique Thrift Stores.  I was introduced to them by a friend and I often visit the one in Jamaica, but there is one downtown Brooklyn as well.  They are both large, bright, and well stocked.  Mojndays and Thursdays are their discount days as long as you have their free VIP card.  Some awesomeness I have scored include an Elizabeth and James army style shirt for $5, an Elliott Lucca beautiful silver handbag for $10, and some like new 9 West yellow pointy toe pumps for $10.  Not to mention the countless vintage blouses, tailored pants, skirts and blazers- crazy.  OMG!  My most fab find was a new with tags Tory Burch tweedy blazer for $5!!!  I go in at least once a week and always find great stuff.  They have got it all…you won’t be disappointed!

    • I’ve heard of Unique Thrift and have been meaning to visit but now that I know all the amazing stuff you found, i have to get there asap! I’ll be sure to post on the blog when I do 🙂

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