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Posted On Monday, November 14th, 2011
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Looking Fly on a Dime on Nate Berkus show

Hopefully by now you guys caught my second appearance on The Nate Berkus Show {I’ll post a link soon for those who may have missed it}.

For those who saw the program, you asked what stores I went to for the $25 makeovers and the thrifted designer looks. Of course I went to my favorite stores in NYC: Salvation Army on West 46th St, Goodwill on East 23rd St. and Buffalo Exchange on West 26th St. The $1 Gucci top I found was from the Goodwill Outlet where clothing is just $1.69 per pound.

And the next question you wanted to know was what I wore and how I snagged an Armani blazer for 83 cents.

Some of you remember my last visit to the Housing Works Buy the Bag sale {$25 for an entire bag of clothing} and that’s exactly where I got the Armani blazer from. And the vintage silk top and cropped pink pants were from the sale also. So my outfit {shirt, blazer and pants} costs less than $3.

And the accessories were affordable. My glitter heels were $10, the belt and bracelets totaled $6, from Goodwill. The earrings were the one non-thrifted piece, but they were a gift so that’s ok!

Thrift Tip: Shop with friends
Before going in to a sale, tell your friends what you’re looking for and help each other shop. It’s always easier when you have another set of hands and eyes shopping for you. That awesome Armani blazer for less than $1? My friend found it. Before she even realized what the label was, she just saw a beautiful blazer and passed it along to me. So hit up the thrift stores with your friends and make it a fun outing.

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6 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads – Nate Berkus Show

  1. ahhh! those glitter heels are too cute! didn’t even realize you were wearing them on TV (remember when we went to go get them…lol). You looked great!!!! But uh, gimme that blazer. 

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