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Posted On Friday, February 4th, 2011
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I’m a serious thrift lover but it’s rare that I wear my thirfted finds from head to toe {clothing, shoes and accessories}. However, I switched that up this week and showed my true thrifty nature. From head to toe, my outfit costs $8. Everything I wore was purchased from secondhand stores, minus my opaque tights {I don’t buy thrifted under garments}.

I had a meeting to attend where it was imperative I show my personal sense of style. I put together the things I love the most: wide belt, girly skirt and lace.

{i love a full skirt with tons of movement}

{my favorite woven belt to cinch my waist}

{basic black boot with outlined details. these kinda have a superhero feel to them, like something Wonder Woman’s sidekick would wear. no?}

{simple outfit + detailed accessories= Great!}

Top: Express, thrifted for $1
Skirt: Club Monaco, thrifted for $1
Belt: thrifted for $1
Boots: Nine West, thrifted for $2
Earrings: thrifted for $3
Tights: Strawberry, $5

Week 22 of my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge (a full year where I only buy second-hand clothing) is down. Only 30 more weeks to go!

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