Thrifty Threads: How to Incorporate Cheap Chic Accessories

Posted On Wednesday, August 14th, 2013
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I have a confession: I love cheap jewelry. Well, I don’t specifically seek out cheap-y pieces, but when I stumble upon a hole in the wall store or random shop in SoHo, I love walking away with a ton of accessories for next to nothing. And more importantly, I love finding ways to incorporate them in my wardrobe in a fun way. Whether it’s a funky hat or bold necklace, accessories can transform any and every look.

A few weeks ago I found a cute floral romper from the Salvation Army. I went there on Wednesday when most items are half off. Though this piece wasn’t half off, at $6, I still felt it was necessary in my closet. Florals can come off a bit juvenile and even matronly {you don’t want to look like your grandma’s couch!}, but when paired with the right accessories, they’re grown up and chic.
My go-to accessories for this look included a vintage feathered hat from my recent trip to the Goodwill Outlet {about $1} and my cousin’s purse from the 90s. Remember how I told you to raid your mom’s closet for some fab finds? Well, the same goes for your older aunts, cousins, siblings, etc. The pieces they once wore in the 80s and 90s are probably stylish and wearable once again.
While in midtown, I stumbled upon a shop* on 8th Ave between 39th and 40th and I was lured in by a sign that read all jewelry was $2.99. I expected to find accessories that looked and felt cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found the necklace below. And there were quite a few other necklaces and rings that looked amazing. *I forget the name of the shop, but it’s hard to miss as the door is always open and there’s a sea of accessories with a $2.99 sign.*
Trust me when I tell you, regardless of how much money you spend on accessories, the key is to look at quality and if it can elevate your look. Cheap doesn’t always have to look cheap.
Romper: $6 from Salvation Army // Hat: $1 from Goodwill Outlet // Sunglasses: $15 from Loehmann’s // Purse: my fabulous cousin’s 90s handbag // Shoes: $8 Banana Republic heels from Goodwill
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6 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads: How to Incorporate Cheap Chic Accessories

  1. So pretty! I too love cheap jewelry…and I mean cheap. Tomorrow I’m attending a Premier party and it will kill me to buy something. LOL

    • I do that when I have the time or if I remember to do so. But I know exactly where it is and I provided the cross streets for the store for anyone interested.

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