Thrifty Threads – High & Bright

Posted On Friday, May 13th, 2011
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Ah, red. That oh so bright hue that you either love to rock or it’s just too bright for your taste. I’m one who fully embraces color so when I found a pair of red pants at the Goodwill Outlet {clothing is priced at $1.69/lb}, I grabbed them with a quickness. Even in a bin full of clothing it was hard to miss them! I threw them in my basket unsure if I’d actually purchase them. As much as I love color, red pants are a bit much. And could I pull off high waisted pants? I finally decided I needed them in my life.

I’m a sucker for pleats and pockets and a bright hue.

With such a statement piece, I kept the rest of my outfit super simple with a lace top and a few necklaces.

Though the temps in NYC are warming up, I kept the chill away with my fitted leather jacket from the Salvation Army coat sale.

You can never go wrong with strappy sandals and these Michael Kors are everything to me. They were a gift from a former boss almost four years ago and I’ve been in love with Michael ever since.

The accessories are fun (pendant necklaces and a rabbit ring) but don’t overshadow the look.

Jacket: thrifted for $10
Shirt: thrifted for $1
Pants: Liz Claiborne, thrifted for $1
Shoes: Michael Kors, gifted
Ring: urban Outfitters, $10
Necklaces: courtesy of my grandma (the jade pendant) and Spring Shoes

Week 36 of my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge (a full year where I only buy second-hand clothing) is down. Only 16 more weeks to go!

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17 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads – High & Bright

  1.  I love the pants Patrice! I have a similar pair of cobalt blue pants. Question: what nail polish is that???

  2. Everything vintage is in again, so it’s definitely a compliment to tell you that you look like you should be in an 80s video! It’s an awesome outfit and I’m jealous too.

    • Thanks Alissa! You’re always welcome to come and thrift with me. Just sign up for one of the Adventures in Thrifting trips or just email me 🙂

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