Thrifty Threads: Head to Toe $15 Outfit

Posted On Wednesday, October 9th, 2013
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thrifty threads, thrift shopping tip This weekend I was having one of those days where I didn’t want to get too dressed up, but didn’t want to be super casual either. So I whipped out my new favorite pants scored from the Salvation Army. Though I’m typically a skinny jeans or dress type of girl, these drawstring pants with tapered leg are my new BFF. Besides being supremely comfortable, they pair well with almost anything in my closet.
After getting dressed, I realized my entire outfit {head to toe!} was less than 20 bucks.
To add a bit of color to my $7 pants, I threw on my red sequin jacket. This vintage find was in the bottom of a bin at Housing Works Buy the Bag. Also from the Buy the Bag sale was my Theory shirt and Balenciaga booties {first seen in last week’s Thrifty Threads post}.
I normally carry a big bag, but this day I kept it simple and light with my envelope clutch. Well, it’s not really a clutch. I think it was originally meant to hold toiletries, but I use it as a clutch. The velvet and gold crested bag was less than $2 from the Goodwill Outlet and I found it during my last thrift shopping tour.
The look is pretty simple, but I really love how a single garment like a detailed jacket/blazer/cardigan can add a fun element.
Thrift Tip: When looking to really make your dollar stretch, seek out warehouse secondhand stores. They’re not as common as buy by the piece shops, but when you find one, you can really rack up. Search major chains in your area and seek out independent shops. You’ll have to dig through bins, so give yourself time to look, but the thrift store scores you may walk away with will be worth it.
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5 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads: Head to Toe $15 Outfit

  1. Love love LOVE the sequins. I’ve gone to the HW Buy the Bag a few times and found some great items, but never found anythign like Balenciaga!!!

  2. I used to go to the GW outlet in queens but haven’t been in a while. But when I’d go, I always found some really great stuff, but the crowd could get kind of intense.

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