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Posted On Friday, October 8th, 2010
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One of the great things about working in a creative field is I’m allowed to dress casually. I could wear jeans every day and no one would bat a lash. Though I have license to keep it pretty relaxed, I still try to dress my look up with the addition of accessories. When I have no idea what I want to wear, a blazer and skinny jeans is always my go-to look. It’s pretty basic, but I added a charm necklace, lace up boots and brightly colored bag to keep it from being too basic. I feel pretty laid back without being too underdressed.

{girly charm necklace with a McDonald’s tee}

{i love the rugged feel of these studded, cuffed boots}

Blazer: Stella McCartney for H&M, thrifted for $1
T-shirt: thrifted for $1
Jeans: Forever 21, $12
Boots and necklace: courtesy of Spring Shoes
Bracelets: flea market and from a trip to Belize, $5
Purse: Prada, thrifted for $5

Week five of my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge (a full year where I only buy second-hand clothing) is down. Only 47 more weeks to go!

photo credit: Amber J. Adams of The Fab Life Project

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