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Posted On Friday, June 4th, 2010
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I’ve never been completely comfortable wearing shorts. I’m all for skirts and dresses but for some reason I think shorts make my legs look, well, short…and stumpy. But I’m over that now and wanted to try something new for Spring/Summer.

And not only did I want to wear shorts, but I wanted to find a way to wear them to work. Luckily my office environment is creative and laid back, so the dress code isn’t super strict.

I made sure to pair the shorts with dressy accents so they didn’t look overly casual or like I was heading for a day at the beach. Due to my Napoleon Complex (I’m only 5’2) I made sure to wear nude heels, which give the illusion of longer legs.

shorts: Banana Republic, thrifted for $1
shirt: Strawberry, $3
shoes: Michael Kors, DSW for $57
belt: thrifted, less than $1
necklace: courtesy of LOFT

Nice, simple and thrifty!

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4 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads

  1. Love this…makes me wanna rock shorts to work especially since our air is out and they still have us working. Windows and doors open no fans as the roar of traffic clogs my eardrums = I can’t/won’t concentrate lol!

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