Thrifty Threads 365

Could you give up shopping for new clothes for a year? 

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Well, I’m back at it again. Starting January 1, 2014 I’m resuming my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge. This is the third year I’ll commit to only thrift shopping for 365 days and I have a monthly budget of $50. Yup, no new clothes or accessories {unless they’re gifts and of course I can buy undies!} for an.entire.year!!! During the 2012 edition of TT365, I spent less than $500 on clothing.

From January 1, 2014 until January 1, 2015, check in each week for my progress reports and Thrifty Threads outfit posts to see what I’m rocking and how I make the most affordable piece look like a million bucks.
This challenge isn’t solely about saving money, but showing firsthand that “your style is never determined by your wallet” and your fashion is only limited to your imagination.
If you’re joining the TT365 challenge {for the full year or just a few months}, be sure to tag your photos with #ThriftyThreads365 so we can all see what you’re rocking. And each month I’ll highlight a reader’s style and any tips you have for fellow Thrifty Threads participants.
Update {January 1, 2015}: I successfully completed another round of Thrifty Threads 365. My final tally was $233. Yes, I spent just $233 on clothes and accessories for an entire year. Check out my final recap and savvy shopping tips here.
Keep tagging your #ThriftyThreads365 pics and I’ll feature my favorite thrifters on the site!


80 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads 365

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  4. Just joined your site & i love it! I started selling preowned clothing from thift stores for ebay and was amazed at the nice things i obtained for myself & ebay! i’m from central Florida.

    • Thanks and welcome! So glad you love the site. 
      When I started thrifting years ago, I couldn’t believe all of the amazing stuff I found. There are some serious treasures out there! 

      •  Just joined the site, and i have to say i love , love it. I have seen you on the nate berkus show but forgot the name of the site till i saw a re-run today. I was never a thrift shopper but i’m having the urge to start. I live in brooklyn can you tell me where i can find thrift shops in brookly or manhattan? thx.

        • Hey, just a little advice from a fellow consignment/thrifter ! I would check out the online yellow pages or yelp (yelp will give you reviews) just type in consignment or, thrift (there is a difference) shops brooklyn or manhatten. I am sure there are a ton of amazing places by you! Have fun dearie! I am so jelous !!!!

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  6. Girlfriend, you are my kinda chicka.  I can roll with cha or shall I say let me roll with cha cause you are on a revolution with this thang!!!  I just watched you segment on the NB show and lady…let me tell ya, you were on point with the designer fakes.  Man, I just loved it. 

  7. i really liked your show on nov 11 it is awesome. im going back  to school in january we live on 800 dollars were going to do alot of saving some where love you guys

  8. Omg i love ur ideas i went to the goodwill store long island city amazing!!!!!!! I am a 33 yrs old stay at home mom of a 2 yrs old boy… i were getting a little depressed about being home so much on a strict budget ,since, i discovered thrift every other wkend thanks to you, it lifted my spirits now i feel soooooo much better and optimistic about life… thanks to you , my husband babysits its my therapy if you ever need goodwill buddy in long island city let me know…


    • Thanks for such an amazing comment Nadine. I’m so happy thrifting has had such a positive impact on your life. The Goodwill Outlet in Long Island City is my fave 😉

    • I know what you mean , I have two little kids with special needs and I feel wandering a Goodwill or Target is cheap therapy.  I love my cheap thrills!

  9. on NATE you made it seem as though this were a thrift clothing online website. Not really anything great on this site. just pictures….

    • No, I never, ever said anything about my site being an online thrift store. I post tips about thrifting, but it’s definitely not a site for purchasing clothes. 

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  11. I have also deceided not to buy retail. I have been shopping at Saks aka Thrift Stores since 11984. For the past 17 months I have dedicated my time to thrifting three times a week. I like your idea of putting a budget on thrifting. Even though thing are inexpensive, it can add up. I’m having a clothes swap with several friends. Thats a way to thrift for free.

  12. Omg! Love!love!love ur Style& tips because & I love shopping ! But getting a great deal on a nice piece even better! Please keep giving us fashion tips!! Sheila from Bayrige Brooklyn.

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  14. I love your blog. I’ve decided to take this challenge, too. I’m in Jacksonville, FL, and pickins are slim, but I think I can manage. My husband and I have a budget of $40/mo to purchase only ONE complete outfit (top+bottom+shoe) for each of us, and anything unused will go to our 3 y/o daughter’s CD/college fund. I think this could be great !! Wish me luck 🙂

    •  Thanks so much and for joining the Thrifty Threads challenge. Good luck and be sure to keep me posted!

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  16. I joined your site because I am taking this challenge for 2013. I plan to lose at least 25 pounds and I don’t want to buy new items that I will be getting rid of when my size decreases. It’s ON!

  17. You have inspired me to start thrifting again. I love your style and have used some of you outfits as guides. Thank you so much and you have shown me that you can look fly on a dime!

  18. Love love love your website. Been thrifting since i was a teenager (im 44 now) Would love to join your challenge. My mindset is already there. Department stores are rather boring to me!! LOL! I’m a creative/unique dresser and have always loved the idea!

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  20. hi! I’m a new comer for your blog and i just started college and realized how broke i am without mommy and daddy. i’m also a fashion merchandise major so this challenge sounds really exciting!!!

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  29. I did this two years ago (2012-13) and now I can’t stop! I’ve tried shopping in regular stores but just… no. Good luck! It’s totally doable.

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  46. Because I’m on a lean lean LEAN budget, I had been feeling depressed about my “wardrobe.” Luckily while working at a new temp location yesterday, I happened to pass by a used clothing store with prices starting at $1 and felt inspired to revisit Thrift shops. Then while researching Thrift Shops (AKA Googling) I stumbled across your blog, and I am so glad I did.

    I am inspired and excited to try a challenge quite similar to yours ($50 a month). Thanks for being such an inspiration!!!

    All the best,


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  52. When I was made fun of as a child for having only one pair of pants, I dreamed of becoming rich so I could have a huge, closet full of beautiful clothes. Lace, chiffon, silk, gowns, pretty sundresses, fancy hats with veils and lots of jewelry. But I was broke then, and not much has changed with the financial situation, but thanks to thrift stores and your site and videos, I really do have a fantastic wardrobe. Thank you so much!

  53. Oh my goodness! I thought I was the thrifting Queen, but you are on your grind. I absolutely LOVE your site and love your 365 day challenge.
    I was like “wow” $50 a month to thrift. I could do a lot of damage with that.

    Keep doing you!!!

  54. Love your site! Your books! Your style! YOU!:)

    Looking for the info on best thrift stores that you have researched by location….can anyone point me in the right direction

  55. I found you blog today, and I love how to the fact you are writing your sections! I appreciate it :). I have a closet full of clothes and wanted to challenge myself to going as long as I can not repeating the same outfit during the week. I had no idea there was such as thing because I googled searches and came up empty handed. Are you going to open the challenge for 2017? I would love to participate. I can take photos of my closet and send to you so you can see what I am working with. I was going to blog my experience and snap photos of my outfits each week. You have inspired me!

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