Thrifty Threads 365 – Two Month Review

Posted On Monday, December 5th, 2011
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Thrifty Threads 365, looking fly on a dime Last month I told you guys how month one of my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge went {I only spent $48 for the month of October} and I spent even less for November. I haven’t really had time to go thrift shopping but I did hit up Target. I know you’re thinking, “but wait, I thought you’re not buying any new clothing for a year?” True, but I am allowed to buy undergarments.

One of the quickest ways to update your wardrobe is with a pair of tights so I bought a few pairs from Target. I already have basic black  but I wanted different colors and patterns to really make my outfits pop. And at only $5-$7 each, the price was right.

Pattern tights, update your wardrobe Though I didn’t have any time for shopping this month, I’m hoping to change that soon. Housing Works added some more dates to their Buy the Bag sale and I plan to make the sale on December 10 or 17 for some fly winter threads.

If any of you joined the Thrifty Threads 365 challenge, whether it was for a month or the entire year, feel free to comment below and let me know how much you spent this month.

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4 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads 365 – Two Month Review

  1. Hi, You have a one of a kind style that I just love and you have inspired me to start thrifting and I am now truly excited about it. However I just started with thrifting online and I wanted to know are there any tips you have for thrifting online? Especially when it comes to saving on the shipping cost?


    CHLOE 🙂

    • Hi Chloe,
      Hmm, I don’t have any specific tips for thrifting online (besides the tips I’ve already given) other than be extra aware of return policies and there’s really no getting around the shipping costs. Unfortunately it’s the price you pay for the convenience of thrifting from home.

    • eBay is my favorite site for “thrifting” I buy stuff on there all the time, especially dresses
      For special occasions n work. I usually search dress and than make sure to only focus on my size and than put the price range to $10 or $15 that way I won’t go over budget. I’ve bought super cute dresses on there, some of my favorites are a Talbots dress which was $9 including shipping, it’s a great coral color with a cut out on the back and a bow, another great steal was a spiegel dress I’ve had my eye on for a wedding, that one was $7 including shipping.

  2. Hi Patrice,

    Love you on the Nate Show! You always find the most adorable things for next to nothing! I am also not buying any new clothes for a year. A friend hooked me up with a bunch of hand me down clothes (I call them hook me ups) so I decided to go for a year without buying any new clothes at all. It has been almost a month so far. I started blogging about it at I’ll keep checking back in on you throughout the year, but I know you are gonna do great!!!

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