Thrifty Threads 365- Three Month Update

Posted On Wednesday, December 1st, 2010
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It’s been exactly three months since I started my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge {an entire year where I only purchase thrifted clothing, no new items} and so far so good.

I’ve been fortunate enough to find some great thrift store items {as seen HERE and HERE} but my initial concern with the challenge was that I would go through accessories withdrawl. Though I haven’t found any great jewelry, I’ve scored some awesome shoes at Goodwill and Salvation Army. They ranged from $2-$5.

Until this weekend I couldn’t really say I missed shopping. Just to keep my sanity, I stay away from clothing stores but after Thanksgiving I stopped in to Dots. The budget clothing and accessories store used to be a frequent stop of mine when I was in high school and college, but unfortunately they don’t have any locations in New York City. However, a trip home to Jersey meant I could see what they had to offer. My intention was just to take photos for the blog {more on that tomorrow} but I was almost wooed by a black lace wallet. Luckily my darling cousin purchased the $4 accessory for me.

My other concern was if I’d find winter outerwear. I already have a Gap pea coat but I want something a bit funkier and bolder for the cold NYC days. This weekend I’ll be checking out Salvation Army’s coat sale and according to Thrift Store Confidential, the sale is a thrifters paradise with furs, leathers and trenches. And I also found a carnation pink, brocade Nine West coat during my most recent thrifting haul.

In the coming months I plan to expand my thrifting experience beyond Goodwill and Salvation Army, as well as really search for some cheap chic, vintage-y accessories.

Three months down, nine more to go!

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4 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads 365- Three Month Update

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  2. I had the same concern for you in regard to accessories. I find a few accessories when I’m thrifting but I would have to make an exception for accesories. I guess that kinda defeats the point huh? Are you actually saving money while doing your challenge or not really?

    • When I initially thought of doing the challenge, I was going to make an exception for accessories but put a limit on how much I spent. But then I decided it would kind of be a cop out to allow myself to purchase new accessories. I’m definitely saving money, which is great! I never really spent a ton of cash on clothing, but thrifting a pair of heels for $5 (versus $50 or $60 at DSW) or a coat for $10 (versus $100 or so at Macy’s) is great for my wallet 🙂

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