Thrifty Threads 365: Should I Resume My Thrift Shopping Challenge?

Posted On Monday, December 2nd, 2013
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If you’re not new to Looking Fly on a Dime, then you may remember my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge. And if you’re not familiar, let me give you a quick refresher…
Thrifty Threads 365 was a year long thrift shopping challenge I originally started in September 2010. I only purchased secondhand clothing for 365 days {the only new clothing I could buy was undergarments}. Well, I successfully completed two separate cycles of Thrifty Threads 365 {first in September 2010-September 2011 and then October 2011-October 2012}. Both times I shopped thrift and vintage shops and the last time, I even stuck to a $50/month budget. I ended up spending just $460 on clothing for 2012.
Well, I’m thinking of starting Thrifty Threads 365 up again…
This time around I’d start the TT365 challenge on January 1, 2014 and go throughout the entire year. That means more thrift store hauls and weekly Thrifty Threads outfit posts so you can see how I style the thrifted finds.
I initially started the challenge to really show people firsthand that it’s possible to shop for all of your clothing and accessory needs via thrift stores. Also, it made me reinvent my outfits and think of fun ways to style them {either in head to toe thrift or mixing “new” thrifted pieces with items in my wardrobe}. But it was also a great way to save money.
So what now?
The last time I added a twist by giving myself a $50 budget each month, but I want to do something fun and different this time around. And even have some ways for you guys to get involved. So this is where you come in. I want to hear what you think.
Do you think I should start Thrifty Threads 365 again? How can I add a new twist to it? Is there something you loved {or even hated!} the last times I did Thrifty Threads 365? Any suggestions for ways to get you {the reader} involved?
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11 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads 365: Should I Resume My Thrift Shopping Challenge?

  1. YES!!!! You should definitely do it again. Maybe this time with another budget, but a little lower. $25 or $30 a month?

  2. That’s how I first came across your site when I started reading about your challenge. Maybe do something where readers give you weekly or monthly challenges as to what you should wear or a trend you try to recreate from the thrift store (one week can be plaid, another week or month can be winter white, etc.).

  3. i think i may join you this time around. i’ve been finding more cute thrifted stuff than i have new stuff lately, and for much cheaper!

  4. Definitely bring it back! Its a great inspiration to see you looking fashionable and cute with your thrifted goodies. Its a great skill to be able to thrift shop and find quality pieces that add style to your wardrobe. So often people think it takes hundreds of dollars at vintage stores and you are dispelling that myth.

    As a twist this year it would be great to see you complete fashion makeovers on real people using a spend budget of something like $10 OR show 5 outfits they were able to create using their haul from a trip like your $25 brown bag shopping events.

  5. suggest from readers to send in magazine pictures of a outfit looks they like and recreate the look using thrift store finds! great idea alex!

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