Thrifty Threads 365: Month Nine Update

Posted On Friday, July 13th, 2012
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thrifty threads 365 challenge, shopping challenge Another month down, so it’s time to recap my Thrifty Threads 365 challenge {a full year where I only thrift shop for clothes and accessories, no new items}. For May I completely went over my budget because I was thrift shopping in San Francisco. So I was determined to keep my $50 limit in check for the month of June…and I did.

I almost made it through the entire month without buying anything but I did a brief interview and photo shoot for USA Today at the Salvation Army and I couldn’t leave without buying something.

Recession has many looking thrift store chic

The paper contacted me in regards to thrift shopping {you can check the article out online: Recession Has Many Looking Thrift Store Chic } and while shooting at the Salv Army, I found three cute pieces.

In the USA Today photo, you can actually see part of one of the items I scored.

USA Today thrift shopping It’s a sheer, vintage jumpsuit with a bird on the front. Um, how could I not buy it? I didn’t notice it until I saw another woman eying it.  Once I saw how cute it was, I was secretly hoping she wouldn’t like it. She did, but wasn’t too pleased with the $20 price tag, so she left it behind.

sheer jumpsuit Even though the price is steep for a thrifted garment and the elastic at the leg needs to be replaced, I put the jumper in my cart anyway.

My other pieces were a simple striped tank and a printed mini skirt.
how to thrift shop I decided since the other items were so cheap, $1 and $4, I would buy the $20 jumpsuit.

But something strange happened when I reached the register. The sales associate rang the three pieces up and they totaled less than $11. None of them were half off so I don’t know why they were way cheaper than advertised. However, I didn’t question it. I just took my bag and {quickly} walked out of the store.

thrift store in nyc, new york thrift store Three pieces for $11? Not bad.

Have you joined the Thrifty Threads 365 challenge? If so, how’s it going? Do you think the jumpsuit would have been worth $20?

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