Thrifty Threads 365 – How to Create a Thrift Wish List

Posted On Thursday, February 6th, 2014
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We’re one month in to Thrifty Threads 365 and if you’re joining the challenge, you may be experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. I mean, seriously, it can be a bit tough giving up shopping for new clothes for a year! But like I mentioned in my previous 3 Tips to Survive Thrifty Threads 365, it’s so important to create a thrift wish list.
When you walk in to a thrift store with absolutely no idea what you’re shopping for, it can lead to buyer’s remorse, which is something you really don’t want when you’re budget and options are restricted with Thrifty Threads 365.
Here’s why you need a thrift shopping wish list.
But wait, what is a thrift wish list? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Maybe it’s a memo in your phone or a Pinterest board, but it’s essentially a running tab of what you want and need in your wardrobe. Having a shopping blueprint gives you direction, literally. If you’re looking for dresses, you know what section in the store to make a beeline for or if accessories are essential for you, that’s how you should prioritize your time and money.
Also, taking cues from the weather {are sturdy boots or chunky sweaters essential?} or what’s current {Pantone’s radiant orchid or any Fashion Week trends}, can help you get a better idea of how to spend your bucks. Magazines are also a great place to start. Rip out a few images of clothes that catch your eye.
Of course having a list doesn’t ensure you’ll actually find everything on it. We all know the thrift store inventory is unpredictable, but having a solid 10-15 items you need, should make it easy to find at least 2-3 of those pieces on every shopping trip.
My thrift wish list includes items like white skinny jeans, a printed blazer, statement earrings, flat boots and vintage crossbody purses. Notice how some of my wants are a bit broad and not so specific? I want flat boots versus round toe black riding boots with a buckle. When you only want something so specific, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.
And my thrift wish list isn’t limited to clothes and accessories. I’ve always wanted a vanity and I finally found one at the Salvation Army, but it had just been sold. So I’m still on the lookout for one. I’ve seen a few, but they either weren’t my style or I wasn’t happy with the price.
I know the thrift gods will bless me sooner than later!
Do you have a thrift shopping wish list? What’s on your list? Are there some items you just never seem to find at the thrift store? 
If you have a list or some new finds, be sure to tag them with #ThriftyThreads365 so we can all see!
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6 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads 365 – How to Create a Thrift Wish List

  1. I think you’re absolutely right…having a broad wish list is necessary when thrift shopping! It makes everything easier, that’s for sure. And otherwise you really are setting yourself up for disappointment. Great post!

  2. I definitely have a list and it’s usually basics (black trousers, cardigans, skinny jeans) and a few statement pieces (pretty much anything with sequins 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about having buyer’s remorse when I walk in a store without a plan. These are wonderful tips on how to make my own thrift wishlist. Thanks!

  4. I actually found my cherry wooden vanity on Craigslist for $20! You should look there too!
    Great post by the way! I need to make a list because I get in there and BUY IT ALL! LOL. SMH.

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