Thrifty Threads 365 Challenge – Now What?

Posted On Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
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My Thrifty Threads 365 challenge {a year long hiatus from purchasing new clothes, I can only thrift} will be over in just four weeks. I can’t believe almost a year has passed. When I started the project on September 1, 2010, I had no idea how it would turn out. I thought I’d be temped to shop but that wasn’t the case. Instead, I nabbed so many great items on my trips to secondhand stores that I realized I wasn’t missing out on anything.

With all of the awesome goodies I thrifted {from a $2 DSquared parka at the Salvation Army coat sale to a $1 Theory military jacket at the Goodwill Outlet to dresses and skirts for 35 cents a piece at the Housing Works Buy the Bag sale} I’ve purchased thousands of dollars in clothing and accessories for next to nothing. Besides saving money, I also wanted to show you guys {and the world!} how awesome thrift shopping can be and that style has nothing to do with your budget. The most “expensive” purchase I made in the past year was a pair of $30 Steve Madden wooden platforms and most of my clothing costs about $3-$4. And since I drop so little cash on my clothing, I’m not as attached to them as I used to be. I even gave away four bags of clothing to Goodwill when I recently moved. Material possessions are great, but they’re just things.

I’m considering extending the challenge for another year or maybe a few months or maybe I should up the ante a bit. I have no idea.

That’s where you guys come in. Let me know what you think. Should I keep this good thing going? Give myself a break? Start a different challenge? Start a group challenge?

Weigh in!

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25 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads 365 Challenge – Now What?

  1. This is so awesome! Congrats!! I think that you should challenge yourself and push yourself to the limit by extending your challenge. Many people (including my friends) think that its taboo to shop at thrift store because you don’t know where the items  have been. This is true, but you end up saving sooo much money and finding awesome, and unique things! I’m a thrifting newbie and I can honestly say I will never turn back.  I’m addicted to shopping (first time I’m admitting this lol), and before I knew of thrifting I would spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes every month. Being a grad student, every penny counts and I’ve saved so much money by shopping at second-hand stores.  All in all, what you have done is encouraging to ppl like myself, and I think you should continue. Sorry for the long comment. 

    • Hey Cherrie,
      No apology necessary for the long comment, I appreciate it!
      Yes, thrifting can be taboo for some people (I recently did a post on the sanitary factor of thrifting but I made the point that when you buy clothes from a new store, you don’t know who had the clothes on before you, bought and returned them, tried them on, etc).
      Congrats on being a thrifting newbie, your shopping experience will never be the same again 🙂

  2. I just recently discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!  You are so stylish and practical.  I’ve been shopping at thrift and consignment stores for years.  Compared to before I shopped second-hand, I have more clothes, which are better quality and more stylish, yet I have spent less money.  It’s win-win!  It’s great to find a blogger who demonstrates how to put together awesome steals into amazing outfits! 

    Congrats on your challenge this past year!  It looks like you did a great job.  I’m thinking you should start a new challenge…but I’m not sure what that should be!  Haha

    • Thanks so much Lindsay and welcome to Looking Fly on a Dime. I agree, my closet has definitely expanded since I started thrifting and I’ve spent next to nothing on all the great (and unique) pieces. Hmm, I guess I’ll figure out what the new challenge should be! 

  3. I really love your blog as well and love seeing how many great outfits you can put together on a budget.  My opinion concerning the challenge is that you should ease up and allow yourself to shop at retail stores again, perhaps even splurge on a luxury item you’ve been coveting as a reward to  yourself.

    Perhaps for the new challenge you could allot yourself a budget to be spent on clothing for each month ($100?) and chronicle your purchases each month to see if you maintained or broke the budget.  Thrifting is a great way to save money on clothes but you can also end up spending more than expected because you’re simply purchasing more items (at rock bottom prices!).  Giving yourself a set budget per month forces you to track your purchases more closely whether it be at the Salvation Army or Zara.

    • Thanks Ginny. And great suggestion!
      There’s no point to thrifting if you’re overspending and I’ve done this from time to time. I once spent $46 at the Salvation Army. I walked out with a ton of clothing but I went way over what I expected to spend.

  4. I discovered your blog a few months ago and I just love it!  You have inspired me to make the most of my thrift store finds with your creativity and style.  I would love to see you continue your thrift challenge or shop with a budget.  Either way, I am sure you will look fabulous.

  5. I must first start by saying that your blog as inspired me. I used to spends tons of money every month on clothes I would wear once and then toss. Now I am slightly addicted to thrifting and not only am I saving tons of money but I have found quality items.  I may never buy retail again. haha.. I think the next challenge can be something along the lines of a budget or a goal to save up for a really high end item you have been lusting after. (And even that can be “thrifted” through a highend consignment shop). I look forward to reading your posts every day and cannot wait to hear about your next challenge.

    • Wow, I’m always humbled to hear I’ve inspired anyone, so thank you. 
      I totally understand the thrift shopping addiction. Before I started, I never understood you could find quality pieces for little cost. I’m going to start thinking of ideas for the next challenge, I really like the idea of setting a budget. 

  6. I would love to see the challenge continue for a little while longer but with a twist…Perhaps a 60 days to revamping your thrifting wardrobe for the winter…where you take old items, newly purchased items and perhaps even retail items and get yourself (and us) prepared for the winter…when many people think of thift they immediately think cheap and low quality (wrong)…those words also make you think that thrifted clothes are only wearable for the summer/spring/fall (because they believe them to be flimsy) but thats not true. In 60 days we can learn how to take our thrifted items into the winter and learn just how versatile thrifted items truly can be!..that way everyone will be set come Nov 1…just in time for the full swing of winter!!! This is just an idea…I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! 

  7. I absolutely love the idea of this challenge. I started in July and am really confident I can make it a whole year. I am mostly looking to save money but gain experience thrift shopping as well. After telling my boyfriend about the challenge, he said he was in! I was so surprised, especially since he loves new clothes lol. We are definitely looking forward to this experience and are planning a thrift shopping trip soon! Thanks so much for the inspiration girl!! 🙂

    • Oh wow, you even got your boyfriend to join in on the challenge. That’s awesome! Please keep me updated and let me know how the challenge goes for you (and your BF 🙂

  8. I love, love, love, you blog. 🙂 My friends often make fun of me for thrifting, but I love it. Plus, I agree with Ginny. You should have a montly budget and keep us updated on what you buy! Keep up the awesome work. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Linda. I also had people make fun of me for thrifting, but when they see the amazing stuff I find (and realize how much money I save), they quickly shut up 🙂

  9. First of all I would like to say that I found your blog and YouTube channel a month ago and I absolutely LOVE them!!!! I love your fashion sense also. You have inspired me to begin thrifting again. With that being said I think you should extend the thrift challenge at least for a few more months. I also like Sherry’s comment about winterizing your thrifted wardrobe. I think that’s a good idea. Thanks and keep up the good work!!!!!

    • Thanks Kelli, I’m so glad I could inspire you to start thrifting again. I’ll be sure to announce what the next phase of the challenge is. 

  10. Love your challenges and love that you are doing it again! GO! Id like to join in on some of the shopping trips * smile* … also… that skirt, bottom left… LOVE LOVE! What kind?

  11. Saw you today on Nate’s show. 11.11.11  The outfits that you and the two guests you dressed for less than 25 bucks were slamming girl.  The challenge should be a lifelong one mixed with whatever you decide to purchase otherwise, whenever.  I love thrift shopping …clothes and everything I can find.  I consider it DIY for your fashion style, closet, home, etc.

  12. Would love to join the movement. But i am a plus size 3. Do u see many items in   large plus sizes? And is there a movement underfoot for thrifting for home decorations.

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