Thrifty Threads 365 – 1 Pair of Palazzo Pants, 4 Ways

Posted On Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
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Thrifty Threads 365 {a full year of no new clothes, only thrift shopping!} is almost a month in and so far, so great! I haven’t had the urge to hit up any department stores. Though I’m shopping secondhand, I view the clothes as being “new” to me, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.
However, I did get a slight itch when I visited Loehmann’s on Monday. If you hadn’t heard, the store is closing all locations so they’re having an everything must go sale {most items are 40 percent off, but I’d wait a few weeks until prices are discounted ever further}.
Last week I showed you how I scored more than $200 worth of clothes for just $9.96 {check out my latest thrift store haul}, but I really love when you guys show me your style {hence the collage above!}. You’ve been using the #ThriftyThreads365 hashtag so we can all keep track of everyone’s progress. And this month, I was really impressed with one Thrifty Threads 365 participant’s styling skills.
I need you guys to see how Keren from Two Stylish Kays thrifted a pair of palazzo pants {so on trend!} and wore them four different ways. Yes, four different ways to rock a single pair of pants.
I seriously had to stare at the photo several times and ask myself, “how did she do that?!” Luckily, Keren made a YouTube tutorial.

You guys are wowing me with the pieces your finding and ingenious ways to style them.
If you’re participating in Thrifty Threads 365 {either for the full year or a few months}, please tag your pics and/or blog posts with #ThriftyThreads365. Not only does it give me a way to see who’s joining in, but it let’s everyone else follow along, as well. It can be tricky styling some thrifted garments, but the TT365 community can hopefully provide some inspiration and style tips.
Keep the #ThriftyThreads365 hashtag going {we’ve got more than 120 posts on Instagram so far!} and next month I’ll highlight another participant.
FYI: If you’re curious about the ladies in the first photo, here are their Instagram usernames: @beingzhenya, @nevaehimage, @justjewels4u and @thriftyourheartout.
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11 thoughts on “Thrifty Threads 365 – 1 Pair of Palazzo Pants, 4 Ways

  1. Love that you’re doing your Thrifty Threads again! I dropped in to Goodwill yesterday to look for some books in a series that I’m reading and just had to browse a little. I found my bargain of the century for me…a pair of Amalfi shoes that retail for $245.00. My cost: $3.99 + tax!!! Thrilled!!!!

  2. Interesting! I love it. I am a huge consignment shopper, even do a monthly event at a different one here locally. I’ve not used it as a challenge before but I like the sound of it. I will be sure to # when I put together a few of my looks so I can join the fun

  3. Oh my freaking gosh! After surviving palazzo pants in the ’80s, I never thought I’d want another pair of those to touch my body again…until now.

  4. Wow! I have a lot of palazzo pants from the early 2000’s that I haven’t donated. Now, I have some ideals on how to wear and make them fresh and current! Thank you!

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