Thrifty Threads

Posted On Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
Filed Under: Thrift Stores

You guys remember my friend Jessica? We went Goodwill shopping a few months ago (peep the video here). She was looking for cute additions to her closet but was worried about finding pieces for her petite frame. However, we walked away with a handful of great items. Recently she wore a look that incorporated one of her thrifted picks.

I found this black lace dress and she didn’t initially seem thrilled about it and was convinced it wouldn’t fit. I assured her it would look great belted. And of course…I was right 🙂

She paired the dress with a thin belt, denim jacket and a few J. Crew accessories for a cute, laid back look.

Even finding just one thrift store item can be worn tons of ways with your existing wardrobe.

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