Thriftspiration: Finding High Fashion at the Thrift Store

Posted On Friday, June 7th, 2013
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Thriftspiration is a weekly series that puts a spotlight on readers who share their secondhand shopping tips and fun ways to style thrifted finds.
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Name: Thrift Society
Location: DC Metro Area
*This week’s Thriftspiration is a bit different, as Thrift Society exclusively uses secondhand clothes for photo shoots.  All of the photos are from shoots they’ve styled with thrifty threads.
When and why did you start thrift shopping?
When I was about five years old my grandma would take me to the “used store” and give me a few bucks so I could get what I wanted. I thought it was the coolest thing! When I got to high school I would look in fashion magazines for inspiration and recreate the look with mostly thrifted items.
What three words would you use to describe your style?
My personal style is corporate, hippie and fashionista. As far as styling it depends on the vision for the shoot or the model.

What are your favorite stores in your area?
There is a Goodwill Boutique in downtown Baltimore. I would highly recommend it for a beginning thrifter. It’s more organized than most, but hardcore thrifters may think it’s overpriced.

What reactions do you get after telling people your outfit is thrifted?
Shock, usually followed by asking which thrift stores I go to.
What tips would you give to new thrifters?
Patience! Patience! Patience! Before you even walk through the door, have a list of all your wants or needs. Make a strict budget. This will save time, keep you from feeling overwhelmed and from coming home with lots of junk.
Also, don’t pass up on items because it’s not your size, a button is missing or it’s ripped. Remember, you can always make alterations or changes to an item that will make it unique.
Be sure to check out Thrift Society on Facebook and for daily inspiration, follow them on Instagram {@thriftsociety}.

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