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Posted On Friday, April 12th, 2013
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Thriftspiration is a weekly series that puts a spotlight on readers who share their secondhand shopping tips and fun ways to style thrifted finds. 

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Name: Andrea Camille
Location: Fremont, CA 

When and why did you start thrift shopping?
Of course the prices for thrifted clothes are a big plus but to me it’s more than that. It’s a way for me to express my creativity with items that are new and old. I love mixing up my thrift finds with today’s fashion.Thrifting has given me my own style and I love that I can express myself differently through my outfits.

What reactions do you get when you tell people your outfit is thrifted?
They looked confused and surprised! It amazes a lot of people that something second hand and used (or sometimes not used) can be played around stylishly with today’s fashion.

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What tips would you give to new thrifters?
Take your time. Thrifting is a hit or a miss. Be daring, grab those bright colored pieces, those shirts with prints, pick up those button ups (never gets out of style). This is how I find great pieces. I usually go around the store, grab things that catch my eye and most often times when I try them on, I end up loving them. Once you get the hang of it, I must warn you…it’s an addicting hobby.

What are your favorite stores in the area?
Thrift Town
has got to be my all time favorite store. I found most of my vintage clothes and accessories there. Sometimes I’ll go to Goodwill or St Vincent de Paul for a quick stop. Most of the time I get lucky with my random visits.

For more of Andrea’s style, check her out on Instagram: @Cameldre

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2 thoughts on “Thriftspiration – California Cool

  1. I love this new feature of your blog! Also loving Ms. Camille’s outfits. I have to agree with her sentiments as well: saving money is great, but finding items that make unique style expressions is the best!

    I’m not far from Ms. Camille, and I love Thrift Town as well. It’s one of the few thrift stores that still has great prices. Most of the Goodwill’s in the area just bumped up their prices – $7 to $9 per item no matter the condition. Outrageous considering i can get new items on the Target clearance rack for just about the same money. I still have much love for Goodwill, though. Last year on Memorial Day, Goodwill had a 50% off sale. A group of us hit all the Goodwill stores in the area and came away with bags of great things.

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