Thriftspiration: A Former Teen Thrifter Cultivates a Standout Style

Posted On Friday, May 31st, 2013
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Thriftspiration is a weekly series that puts a spotlight on readers who share their secondhand shopping tips and fun ways to style thrifted finds.
Name: Stefany
Location: New York City
When and why did you start thrift shopping?
I started when I was a teenager. I loved fashion and wanted to be unique. My family couldn’t afford to buy me clothes, so I would rummage through local thrift stores with friends.
What three words would you use to describe your style?
Adventurous. Unique. Bold.
What’s your best thrift store score {a standout garment or accessory you absolutely love or a cheap designer find}?
It’s really hard to pick one but my Moschino emerald green jacket is probably the piece I’ve worn and given the most love to.
What are your favorite stores in your area?
I am a huge fan of the Buffalo Exchange and Beacon’s Closet shops in Brooklyn and NYC. You can find such amazing pieces that are gently worn or not worn at all for super cheap!
What reactions do you get after telling people your outfit is thrifted?
People are usually surprised and then follow up with questions about which thrift stores I frequent.
What tips would you give to new thrifters?
Don’t go into a thrift store with expectations. Be open minded and creative, and always check the men’s section. That’s where I’ve found some great button downs and sweaters.
Check out more of Stefany’s amazing style at Pretty in Thrift and follow her on Instagram {@PrettyinThrift}

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