Thrift Wars with Sammy Davis Vintage

Posted On Friday, February 25th, 2011
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Friday normally means another edition of Thrifty Threads where I show you guys how I’ve rocked my cheap chic finds but I’m doing a little something different today. Last week I had an awesome opportunity to participate in Thrift Wars with Sammy from Sammy Davis Vintage. Sammy reached out to me via YouTube and it turns out we both went to the same school {Temple University} and live a few blocks from one another!

Not familiar with Thrift Wars? It’s where two frugal folks go head to head to try to recreate a runway or celeb look using secondhand pieces. During my episode of Thrift Wars, Sammy and I reproduced Michelle Obama’s J. Crew outfit using finds from the Goodwill on 23rd St.

Check out the episode below and click on this LINK to vote for who you think matched the look the best {so far I’m ahead in the votes}. You’ll never believe how close we came to Michelle Obama’s look and we did it on a dime. Psst: I also found a Miu Miu brooch for $6!

For past Thrift Wars episodes, check out Sammy Davis Vintage on YouTube.

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9 thoughts on “Thrift Wars with Sammy Davis Vintage

  1. I love that she does video of finding deals…too cute. Of course I’m voting for you!! I would love to see your shoes, brooch and blouse with her cardigan and skirt.

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