Thrift Store Treasure – Boy Scout shirt

Posted On Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
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I typically go thrift shopping for glam dresses or anything that can add to my cheap chic wardrobe. But every now and then I like to pick up unique pieces that are more cutesy and fun, and that’s exactly what this authentic Boy Scout shirt is.

Complete with badges and all, I just had to have this shirt and for less than $10, it was just my price. I’ve rocked it a few times with skinny jeans and stilettos.

Check the quick video below to see how I scored this shirt from Beacon’s Closet.

Thrift Tip:

If you’re going to a themed party, skip the costume shop and head for thrift store.Second hand shops are meccas for the best and worst of past fashion eras so you’re sure to find something that can double as a costume and maybe even be incorporated in to your every day wardrobe. You’ll have a unique get up and tons of cash to spare.

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One thought on “Thrift Store Treasure – Boy Scout shirt

  1. I’ve been a Boy Scout Leader for 15 years and wanted to give you a little info about the shirt. Its actually a Cub Scout shirt. The top patch is the Council Service Patch (CSP) This patch tells everyone that you are a member of the National Area Capital Council in DC. The number patches just below that tells ppl that you are from Pack 229. These numbers are more specific to the group of leaders and boys, its like your school. The opposite sleeve sports the American Flag and a Den number which is equivalent to your classroom. The purple patch on the front is the Universal Emblem of Scouting. Every Scout on every continent around the world has that emblem on their shirt, it represents my world-wide scouting family. The shirt you’re wearing is actually a youth shirt, not a leader shirt. You can tell by the distinct lack of adult patches and the fact that it ended up at a thrift/consignment store. My local stores call me if something like this comes in. I’m glad you like the shirt, unfortunately it saddens me that you were able to purchase it at a thrift store. Scouts are encouraged to donate “experienced” shirts to others. There are actually rules that uniforms are not to be given/sold to non-scouts. Each adult leader subjects themselves to an extensive back ground check (you can figure out why) and many hours of training and are required to behave in a way to reflect positively on our scouting family.. There are a lot of expectations of Scouts, while wearing the shirt we must live up to those expectations. In fact, we’re only allowed to wear the shirt to/from and at scout functions. There is a collection value from the patches on the shirt. BTW, a scout is expected to live up to the 12 points of the scout law, one of those points is “thrifty”. Maybe you should look at joining!

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