Thrift Shopping Tour Recap and Haul

Posted On Monday, June 10th, 2013
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thrift shopping tour, looking fly on a dime tour Last weekend was my first group thrift shopping tour of the season and we had a great time. In between helping shoppers score some cheap chic finds, I was able to snag a few items for myself. And of course I want to share what I bought as well as some tips I gave the thrifters on the tour.

One recurring theme was how to step out of your style comfort zone, particularly when it comes to ditching a neutral heavy wardrobe and embracing color.

If you’re someone who’s a little skittish about looking like Rainbow Brite, start off small with colorful accessories and work your way up.

I’ve never been afraid of color so I immediately picked up these orange lace shorts from Goodwill. And though I love Banana Republic, I hate their prices. So I was beyond excited to find a pair of nude heels for $8
lace shorts, orange lace shorts, Goodwill fashion

Goodwill shoes, how to shop Goodwill I always suggest that every time you thrift shop, try to step out of your comfort zone a bit. And I took my own advice by purchasing the pants below. My intern initially found them but when they didn’t work for her, I decided to buy them. I’ll have to take the waist in a bit or just heavily belt it, but I’ll most likely wear the pants with a fitted tank or crop top. Though the pants are tapered at the leg, they’re pretty voluminous on top, so it’s best to keep the rest of the look bulk free. Stay tuned for a Thrifty Threads post to see how I end up styling them.

how to wear tapered pants, how to wear harem pants Our next stop was a few doors down to the Salvation Army.

A cute sheer top was my favorite find of the day. It’s lightweight, the perfect pop of color and sheer is a trend that’s still going strong. I also found two pairs of Forever 21 earrings at the register. The original price was $3.50, but the Salv had them for 50 cents each.
Salvation Army 23rd street, Salvation Army east 23rd street

thrift store accessories And if you’re like me and you love a cute t-shirt, thrift stores should be your best friend. You can always find great ones for a buck or less. This Mash shirt will be added to my thrift store t-shirt collection, along with my Reese’s peanut butter cup shirt.

how to cut a t-shirt, how to cut an oversized shirt Even if a shirt is too big for me, I buy it anyway and just cut it up for a customized look. Need some inspiration for how to cut an oversized shirt? Check out my easy YouTube tutorial, which has been viewed 149,000 times {wow! Guess I should make a follow up vid, huh?}.

All of these pieces totaled just under $21. Stay tuned for more Thrift Shopping Tours this summer and contact me if you need a private tour, closet revamp or style session.

When’s the last time you went thrift shopping? And what did you get? How would you style the harem pants I scored?


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6 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping Tour Recap and Haul

  1. Love those pants!!! So different. I think you can wear them with a white tank top and statement necklace and maybe the sandals above.

  2. The harem pants would look great with a tight fitted top- but for an easy breezy day, you can even add a loose long top- that yellow one would do fine- and give it an asian/oriental look as well. 🙂

  3. Thanks do much for the update. I will definitely try to join you on your next shopping trip. I have never been thrifting.

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