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Posted On Thursday, September 30th, 2010
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If you guys follow me on Twitter (@FlyonaDime), then you may occasionally read my tweets while I’m thrift shopping. I had a few people ask what my top thrift store tips are since I always seem to find great items. Ttrust me, I don’t always find great stuff but below are a few of my tips to thrift store shopping.

  • Bring a Buddy

I like to shop alone, but when I thrift, I tend to have company. A friend can tell you how a jacket really looks on you if there’s no mirror around and you can help each other shop. If you’re searching for a particular item, tell your buddy and she can grab anything that might fit what you want {and you do the same for her as well}. Two sets of eyes and hands are always better than one.

  • Look for Colors and Patterns

When you’re digging through bins of clothing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed so try to focus on colors and/or patterns that catch your eye. I once found a great Banana Republic trench coat at Goodwill because I noticed part of it hanging out of a bin. I had no idea what it was {I just saw a sleeve} but the cobalt blue color struck me and now it’s one of my favorite items in my closet.

  • Be Patient

I can’t stress this enough. The inventory at a thrift store is never certain so some days you’ll find a cart full of great clothes and other days you may walk away empty handed. If you start to get too frustrated that you’re not finding anything, then you’ll probably continue to find nothing because you’re focused more on your frustration than snagging a hidden treasure. The more you go thrifting, the more patient you’ll become.

Check back next week for a few more tips. I may just start offering a new thrifting tip each week! If you have specific questions feel free to hit me up. Or if you have your own tips you’d like to share, leave them in the comments.

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