Thrift Shopping Strategy: Why You Should Go for the Accessories First

Posted On Monday, July 29th, 2013
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A few weeks ago was my last thrift shopping tour at the Goodwill Outlet and surprisingly, I walked away with just as many accessories as clothes. These weren’t just any accessories, but there were a few vintage gems. And at $1.69 per pound, they were serious scores.

I only found a handful of cute clothes, but it turns out the accessories were more valuable {when it comes to styling}.

If you’re new to thrift shopping or maybe even strapped for time, I suggest checking out the accessories {shoes, bags, jewelry and belts} first. We all know accessories are the quickest, easiest and sometimes, the cheapest way to update an outfit. A bold necklace or killer shoe can become the centerpiece of any look and a belt can instantly transform clothes {I love cinching a dress or cardigan with one}.

At my last Goodwill Outlet visit, I was able to find…

vintage bag, vintage purse, vintage floral purse

This vintage Lark Luggage has a great floral print and is perfect as a carry-on while traveling or even a laptop bag.

ladylike handbag, goodwill outlet accessories

For the smaller bags, I nearly gasped when I grabbed this vintage wicker purse with metal clasp. And I believe the Adrien Arpel bag is a cosmetic tote {the inside folds down to reveal two plastic slots}, but I plan to rock it as an envelope clutch.

goodwill accessories, how to shop goodwill outlet

Printed belts and a leather belt with a gold chain rounded out my accessories.

And I also found some cute threads, including a vintage shirt and Zara dress I can’t wait to wear. The dress has such a schoolgirl chic vibe. You’ll definitely see this in a future Thrifty Threads post.

where to buy vintage, where to buy vintage nyc

peter pan collar dress, bold collar

So be sure not to bypass accessories when thrift shopping. Even if you strike out on the hunt for clothes, the right purse, heels or baubles can make a world of difference in your wardrobe arsenal.

What have been your best thrift store scores when it comes to accessories? Do you look for accessories or other particular garments first when you go thrifting?

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5 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping Strategy: Why You Should Go for the Accessories First

  1. I always look at the jewelry first. I love vintage jewelry and have found many great pieces at great prices. I’m currently obsessed with matched sets (earrings + necklace or bracelet). I’ve found so many pieces to match what I have at home. Last year, I found a pair of clear acrylic earrings that matched two necklaces I had at home. I also found a glass bead and brass necklace that matched a necklace and two pairs of earrings I already had. I found a pair of graduated black enamel earrings that matched a stylish Vera scarf I have. I could go on and on.

    The best thing about getting accessories at thrift stores is that you can try a new trend without spending that much money. If you decide the look isn’t for you, you can pass the item along without feeling bad.

  2. I was just thinking about this today while at work. I think my best thrifted treasure is my gold chain necklace. It’s like the icing on the cake 🙂 every time I wear it changes my entire outfit.

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