Thrift Shopping in San Francisco: Part Two

Posted On Thursday, May 24th, 2012
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Last week I showed you part one of my San Francisco thrift shopping adventure {including a shop with vintage clothes for $10 per pound} and now it’s time for part two. Towards the end of my trip I checked out the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood where about a half dozen thrift stores are all within a few blocks of one another.

My first stop was Goodwill {1700 Haight St}. Initially I was turned off by the rack of shirts where the average price was $12. Hmm, I can do better than $12 for a shirt a Goodwill. I kept it moving towards the dress rack and found two adorable dresses, $5 each…

I love this lace, LBD with beading at the bodice.

The polka dots are super cute and on trend. The dress even has side pockets.

Moving up Haight St I saw another familiar secondhand shop, Buffalo Exchange {1555 Haight St}.

I have to admit, I went over budget a little bit once I hit this store, but more on that when I do my monthly round up next week. Buffalo is a great place to go if you want really trendy pieces in an organized setting. But you’re going to pay a but more for some items.

Though I found really affordable pieces like a sequin top and these lace shorts…

It was a color block, high low top at $20 that was the biggest “splurge,” but I think it was worth it, no?

Lastly, I made a pit stop to Held Over {1543 Haight St}, a cute vintage shop. They’re actually owned by Retrocity Fashions, which also owns Clothes Contact, the $10/pound vintage shop I mentioned earlier.

It was really organized and had cute categories like 80s sparkle, slinky soapstar dresses, 1970s disco, etc. However, the prices were around $60 for dresses…that was on the low end. A little too rich for my thrifty blood.

I only ended up buying a skull and bone handkerchief, which was $2.

I didn’t have time to check out other shops like Crossroads Trading and Static, but they’re first on my list whenever I make it back to the Bay.

What’s your favorite piece that I found? Do you think the high low top was worth the $20?

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16 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping in San Francisco: Part Two

  1. My favourite piece is definitely the lace  shorts! And the high low top is really beautiful. I can fully imagine feeling like you may have gone too far paying 20 dollars for it, but I think that is because us thrifters have a bit of an biased image on clothing prices. So I think you did the right thing buying it!

  2. My favorite is hands down the hi-lo dress. Question… you have tons of clothes obviously from your great thrifting finds…how do you keep your closet organized and cute at the same time? My closet’s a mess and figured I’d see if you had any clever tips to bring organization and appeal to closet space 🙂

    • I’ve actually done a few posts on this already (a peek inside my closet as well as how I organize my accessories). Just use the search button at the top of the page and you’ll pull them both up 🙂

  3. While the high-low top was definitely worth it, I love the LBD and the polka dot dresses the best. I am shocked that you found both gorgeous pieces at the Goodwill for that price . Goodwill dresses seem to average $10 a piece in my part of the Bay Area, which is a steal for some and a slap in the face for others. 

    Thank you for sharing your treasures! I can’t wait to have a chance to check these out and next time I am in NYC, I am using your blog as my go-to guide!

  4. By the way I love the high low dress. However $20 for 1 item is waaayyyyy out of my budget. Being a thrifter has made me so CHEAP lol.

  5. I live in San Francisco, for forever it seems and all been to all those places you mentioned. Did you make it to Out of the Closet? Their Dollars racks are TO LIVE. I am devoted to Ross at 4th and Market, Forever 21 at Cable Car Turnaround.

    • I’ll have to check out Out of the Closet during my next trip. I’ve been to one in LA though. 

  6. I love the dresses…especially the polka dot one. Right up my alley with the cute factor. I wouldn’t have splurged on the top. I’d have to feel the fabric, so I’m kinda iffy on that one. It might have been a little too rich for me too ~SD

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