Thrift Shopping in L.A.

Posted On Monday, March 7th, 2011
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As you know, I was in Los Angeles last week for a taping of Oprah’s post Oscars show and of course I had to get some thrift shopping in. During my last visit to LA, I hit up Out of the Closet and a Goodwill and this time around I ventured to another Goodwill and a little thrift store in Burbank.

I was amazed at how many thrift stores are in LA, ranging from the big chains to mom and pop shops. On Magnolia Boulevard alone, my cheap chic eyes saw about a half dozen thrift options.

During the first day of my trip we just drove around and to my delight, we spotted a Goodwill and an In-N- Out across the street from one another. Goodwill always makes my eyes light up and I’m a true east coast girl so I was excited to finally try  the burgers at In-N-Out {sidenote: I didn’t think the food was that great. *shrug*}.

We checked out the Goodwill {342 San Fernando Road} and it was pretty massive and organized, like most locations. It had tons of clothing, accessories and furniture.

The day that I visited, yellow tag items were 50 percent off, so I clearly started looking for pieces with a yellow tag. I didn’t find a ton of stuff until I made my way to the dress rack which was an entire wall of frocks. I found a few pieces and ultimately chose a free flowing Asos dress. I don’t typically like anything with butterflies on them but this backless, halter style is going to be perfect for spring and summer.

{it didn’t have a yellow tag so I paid the “full” price of $7.99.}

The following day be ventured to Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank and stumbled upon The Yard Sale {2022 West Magnolia}. It’s a quaint spot and had a little bit of everything from clothes, accessories, vintage artwork and electronics. Most of the clothing was under $5 but I didn’t find anything that caught my eye.

However, I noticed the rings were all just $1! They had an assortment of dainty baubles and bold cocktail rings. I tried on about a dozen or so and finally settled on four rings. I loved the chunky pieces and I was clearly in an animalistic mood.

The Yard Sale also had cute knick knacks and luggage. This is a great place to go if you’re in to vintage electronics or posters for your apartment.

{vintage Pepsi ads}

I can’t tell you how much I loved this store and the store owner was super sweet and attentive. When thrifting, don’t overlook the smaller locations, those can be the places with the best hidden treasures.

We also passed by Someone Else’s {11024 Magnolia}. From the outside, it looked a bit cluttered but I saw some awesome ethnic prints and sequin numbers hanging outside. However, when we came back around {after going to Porto’s bakery} they were closed. They’re definitely on my to do list for my next visit to Los Angeles.

Check back tomorrow for the awesome vintage shops I scoped out. Psst: I bought an amazing beaded and sequin dress for less than $30. Trust me, you want to see this beauty!

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3 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping in L.A.

  1. that dress is really cute for spring/summer. your blog always makes me want to jump right in the car and go thrifting lol

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