Thrift Shopping Haul – Fall and Winter Essentials under $15

Posted On Thursday, January 7th, 2016
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Thrift Shopping Haul - Fall and Winter Essentials for less than $15
What better way to start the year off than with a thrift haul? I realized I haven’t done a proper haul for a few months {forgive me!}, but in late November and December I found some really amazing pieces at local thrift shops.

Peep the video below to see what I scored, as well as a few thrift shopping tips, including how you can negotiate prices at some shops!

Thrift Shopping Haul - Fall and Winter Essentials for less than $15
From an adorable LBD {little blue dress} to a genuine leather jacket to dainty accessories, I found a few wardrobe essentials perfect for the season. And the most expensive item was just $14, and the accessories were just a buck.

Though my beloved vintage bomber was the most “expensive” item, outerwear is always worth paying a bit more for due to the tons of wear you’ll get out of it.

And if you always find yourself striking out at the thrift shop, then my free guide is for you! Click to download 5 Mistakes All New Thrift Shoppers Make. I break down the mistakes you’re most likely making and how to easily change them so you strike thrift shopping gold.

Did you do any thrift shopping over the holiday? Have you noticed an increase in merchandise at your stores?

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6 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping Haul – Fall and Winter Essentials under $15

  1. Posts like these always get me all inspired to go to my local Goodwill but then I do and they don’t have anything good! I apparently need to improve my thrift store skills or something.

    • Hi Amy!
      I’m glad I can inspire!

      If you always find yourself striking out at thrift shops, the free downloadable guide mentioned in this post is just for you. It’s packed full of tips.

  2. Patrice –

    I really enjoy your blog and your videos. I love to thrift and shop clearance. You have great ideas and tips and I would love to see more videos from you. Your styling advice is right on. I also wanted to say you have a great presence and voice for broadcast. Thank you for all of the work you put into your productions.

    Liz W

    • Thanks so much Liz!

      I’ll be posting tomorrow about what’s new for the site in 2016 (more videos, style guides, etc.)!

  3. Yes!!! I did a haul yesterday morning. I learned that I am addicted to thrifting… Unashamed. The only thing I have an extreme hard time finding are quality shoes that are my size (9 1/2). All the small footed women have an array of shoes to choose from. I’m flying out to NY next month and will hopefully luck there. I love this blog btw!

    • Thanks Alana. So glad you enjoy the blog. And yeah, nothing wrong with being a thriftaholic. LOL

      I’m a 8.5 and have found it a bit hard to find shoes, but a lot of the stores I go to are pretty limited in a lot of sizes. Tons of clothes, but not the greatest variety of shoes. Sigh!

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