Thrift Shopping: How It Can Help AND Hinder Your Personal Style

Posted On Thursday, April 21st, 2016
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Thrift Shopping: How It Can Help AND Hinder Your Personal Style

I hate to say it, but sometimes thrift shopping isn’t a good thing. I don’t want to say it’s bad, but let’s face it, some thrift shoppers just buy any and everything. Now that’s bad! We know that just because something is “cheap” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily worth buying and those little purchases can rack up after a while.

But beyond that, thrift shopping can actually be bad for your personal style. Ok, just hear me out on this one…

First let’s start with the positive. Thrift shopping can be amazing, beyond terrific for your sense of style. Since the clothes are so affordable, you tend to be more adventurous and willing to try something new. For me, that meant giving boyfriend jeans a chance. These high waisted jeans would have normally never found a place in my closet, but because they were just 2 bucks, I said why not? It turns out they’re now one of my favorite pairs of denim! I was able to step out of my skinny jean comfort zone.

Thrift Shopping: How It Can Help AND Hinder Your Personal Style

You’ve experienced the same thing. I’m sure you have! Maybe you tried a new style or Fashion Week trend on the cheap and now you can’t get enough of it. Whereas if you had to pay full price for something you were on the fence about, you’d probably leave it right on the rack.

Ok, now on to how thrift shopping can hurt your personal style…

It’s pretty simple: you just start buying anything! One thing that kinda sorta really bothers me about the thrift shopping community is some people are proud thriftaholics who’ll buy and buy. But is that really a good thing? When clothes are so, sooooo cheap, sometimes you tend to just buy unnecessary stuff that doesn’t really fit in with your style. Or it might even confuse you on what your actual style is.

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If you’re an avid thrifter, look in your closet:
-Do the majority of your clothes go unworn?
-Can you really define what your personal style is?

Thrift Shopping: How It Can Help AND Hinder Your Personal Style

If you answered yes to the first question or no to the second, then thrift shopping is actually hurting your overall look! This is the reason I did a massive closet purge and donated more than a dozen bags of clothing.

However, it’s totally possible to rectify this. It might mean taking a shopping break, which is what I did, or maybe it’s evaluating what your style needs and occasional wants are and buying those things only. A closet full of clothes with nothing to wear isn’t helping your look of your wallet!

Do you feel thrift shopping has been more beneficial or harmful to your personal style? How do you determine when to buy or pass on something at the thrift shop?

Thrift Shopping: How It Can Help AND Hinder Your Personal Style

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6 thoughts on “Thrift Shopping: How It Can Help AND Hinder Your Personal Style

  1. Thank you! I myself have have over bought just because it’s inexpensive.On the upside I like you have stepped out of my comfort zone and tried things I wouldn’t spend retail prices on and been surprised w/ some of the things ( in a good way!) If I don’t like it I don’t feel bad about a few dollars and will donate them back or pass on to a friend!P.S.I love the boy friend jeans on u!

    • Thanks so much Kimber! The boyfriend jeans have become my favorite. I actually wore them this past weekend.

      And that’ s a great point: if you don’t like or love something, simply donate it back to the shop or to a friend who will appreciate it.

  2. I did a closet purge myself recently. There is a thrift store near me that has a ‘fill a bag’ sale for $6. Since it was so cheap and I was filling a bag, I wound up getting a number of things that I realized I didn’t like all that much (as well as some things I love). Also I feel a little guilty buying things and never wearing them so I’ll keep them for ‘some day’. However, it is so much better to just be rid of it and have the space in my closet for the things I love – and maybe somebody else will truly like the items that didn’t suit me. Since I’ve starting thrifting, I’ve accumulated clothing faster so I have to purge more often to keep things in check. The jeans look great on you, I recently thrifted my first pair too.

    • Thanks Emma!

      I’ve also realized that i purge my closet more often. When I did my massive purge late last year, it finally dawned on me how much I was accumulating. Now, I’m super particular about what I buy because I’ve worked to hard to clean my closet out.

  3. Lovely post! I quite like the idea of ‘responsible thrift shopping’. I would agree that some people might go a little overboard. Sadly, here in Durban, South Africa, I haven’t come across many thrift shops.

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