5 Items You Can Always Find at a Thrift Shop

Posted On Thursday, February 5th, 2015
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You never know what you’ll get when you go thrift shopping. I love that, but others hate how unpredictable the inventory can be.
However, in my years of thrifting I’ve repeatedly found a few garments wherever I go. Check out the 5 garments you can always find at any thrift shop.

Vintage Secretary Blouses
Shopping at a non-vintage secondhand shop can be really hit or miss if you’re on the hunt for vintage goods. Sometimes a throwback sequin jacket will be right next to a Forever 21 top. But I have noticed that many shops are overflowing with vintage secretary blouses. One of my fave stores in NYC, the Salvation Army on 46th Street, always {and I do mean always!} has a good supply of them. Even at other shops I’ve visited, I’ve noticed a plethora of vintage silk blouses that are colorful and full of character.
Forever 21, H&M and Target
On the contemporary flip side, H&M and Target are usually in abundance at thrift shops. It’s not uncommon for people to donate their fast fashion pieces. I know some thrifters who feel like what’s the point of thrifting a Forever 21 dress when it’s already cheap at full price. But some shoppers will gladly throw them in the cart. Also, Target donates their clearance items to Goodwill, so it’s not surprising when you find Tar-jay goods with the tags still attached or designer collaborations that are no longer in stores.
Weird, Cutesy T-shirts
You can never have too many t-shirts {can you?} and you’ll never run out of options at thrift shops. From the totally weird to concert tees to characters who bring you back to childhood, the thrift aisles have tons of tees for every style. If you’re petite, check the children’s section and even if you go for a large shirt, check out my DIY post on how to cut an oversized shirt. This is the perfect way to make a personalized shirt for an outdoor festival or summer fun.
Black. Blue. Pinstripes. Prints. These are just a few of the varieties of blazers you can always, and I do mean always find. I once had so many blazers in my closet that I had to return some of them back to the thrift shop. Because blazers are so multifunctional, every woman has at least one {or 10!} in her closet, so these are donated in abundance.
Long Necklaces
I have to admit, I tend to overlook the accessory counter when I’m thrifting. But this is something I’m growing out of because I’ve noticed cheap chic necklaces that I would have otherwise passed up. Usually they’re the longer, dainty pieces versus chunky statement necklaces. The long, thin faux gold chains are great for layering or can even be looped around your arm a few times as a bracelet. If your skin is sensitive, spray the necklace with a coat of clear gloss spray paint so it doesn’t tarnish your skin.
These are just a few items I consistently see at every thrift shop. They’re so common in most people’s closets, so their inventory is pretty high at the secondhand shop.
What clothes and accessories do you always find at most thrift shops? Are there particular brands you constantly see on the racks?
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5 thoughts on “5 Items You Can Always Find at a Thrift Shop

  1. My favorite thrift store is near an affluent Twin Cities suburb and there are blazers a-plenty from mall brands like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and Calvin Klein. There are also many casual separates from J. Jill and Chico’s. (I am always hoping that they donate those pieces because the owners realize they are shapeless, billowy clothes that flatter less than 10% of the population.)

  2. I have found so many amazing blazers while thrifting. I haven’t found any cute T-shirts yet though. Most of the time, I just find stretched out, faded ones 🙁 Crossing my fingers that changes soon.

  3. Target does not “donate” their goods to Goodwill. Goodwill purchases the items. The Goodwill CEO was in our office the other day to speak to our President regarding hiring vets. I asked him about the new Target items and he told me that they are purchased, not donated. I also told me that Goodwill prices are getting sky high for used merchandise and that sometimes I find the Target items at Goodwill with a sale Target price tag that is LOWER than what Goodwill prices the item for sale. He said “Oops…that should never happen”.

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