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Posted On Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
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Looking Fly on a Dime Directory I constantly have people ask me what my favorite thrift stores in NYC are. I’ve done posts on this before {thrift shopping FAQ}, as I have a set of shops I visit on a regular basis. When it comes to New York, I can direct anyone to the appropriate shop based on their needs.

But I also have readers ask about thrift and vintage shops outside of the Big Apple and then I’m usually stumped for answers. I always tell people to check out The Thrift Shopper {enter your zip code for secondhand shops in the U.S} and of course I take to my Facebook page for suggestions, which is exactly what I did when someone hit me up on Twitter asking for great thrift stores in Baltimore.

That’s great and all but I figure it’s about time I/we start a Looking Fly on a Dime thrift store directory. The idea is to create a running list of awesome thrift and vintage shops across the country and even around the world. As the list grows, I’ll create a separate Thrift Store Directory page on the site, so you’ll have a place to reference if you need a shop in your area or plan on doing some shopping while on vacation and need recommendations.

So comment below with your favorite thrift shop/shops: the city, name of the shop and why you love it.

Salvation Army in New York City on 46th St: great for stylish and antique furniture and the clothes are super organized.

Clothes Contact in San Francisco: vintage clothes that are separated by decades and style and everything is $10 per pound.

So get those comments going and let’s spread the secondhand love!

What’s your favorite thrift or vintage store? Where? And why?

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14 thoughts on “Thrift and Vintage Store Directory

  1. The Goodwill Outlet in Queens has clothes by the pound. They start at 1.49 or 1.69 per pound. Everything is in bins and totally unorganized but I’ve found some good stuff. A lot of Club Monaco, Gap and J. Crew. Go early in the morning or afternoon. The crowds crazy on some weekends and especially when they bring the new bins out.

  2. Definitely the GW outlet in Long Island City and Patrice you mentioned the Udelco warehouse in Hawthorne, NJ. It’s a total hidden gem. Vintage and thrift pieces. Everything is in cardboard boxes but they’re labeled and i’ve found some statment pieces here.

  3. The Durham Rescue Mission in Raleigh is huge. It can take a while to find something but there is great variety. They also have great sales.

    There is a Salvation Army in S. Raleigh that has great housewares and a smaller selection of clothes.

  4. There is a new Goodwill store in Mankato, Minnesota that is awesome. I found Victoria’s Secret tees for my 13-year-old daughter, and a Michael Kors sweater for myself.

  5. The Seattle Goodwill on the Ave (University Avenue) in the University District. Great for name brand like new clothes for people in their 20s and 30s.

  6. Arc’s Value Thrift Stores in the Twin Cities (4 locations in the metro area!). This chain of non-profit thrift stores is awesome, especially because they offer a FREE, by appointment personal shopping/styling service! Thrifters so often end up with several great pieces in their closet — but this service ensures you go home with whole outfits, complete with fabulous accessories! Search “Arc’s Value Village Personal Shopper” on Facebook or follow @vvshopper on Twitter.

  7. Modern Thrift in Bogota, NJ. They have high-end handbags, tons of jewelry and really cute clothes, shoes, housewares, etc. They are only open Wed-Sat.

  8. Domsey’s Warehouse on Broadway in Brooklyn is my ultimate favorite thrift store. Great prices, tons of designer labels, fitting rooms and fresh stock is regularly added. This store also has a great selection of menswear. I buy men’s pants and wool sweaters to refashion for about $5.00-$8.00 each. You could get a %100 wool suit for $10. They also have plus sized and children’s clothing, though the sections are small.

    For the potential to stumble across vintage, I like Urban Jungle in Bushwick. I found a 1940s dress there for $10! This store is HUGE and PACKED. Your arms will get tired before you’ve looked at even an eighth of the content. They have fitting rooms and the prices are great for most items. There are some truly unique and unusual pieces there and some modern ones in great condition.

  9. AWESOME great idea as I’m heading to DC next weekend and wanting to do some shopping while on a budget so I’m doing some research before I leave

  10. Some of my favorite Brooklyn thrift stores are as follows:
    Hooti Couture – Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn
    Beacon’s Closet – Brooklyn, NY 11215
    Monk vintage Thrift Shop – Brooklyn, NY

    Pony Shop
    Housing Works Thrift Shop – two in Brooklyn, NY
    Meshimar – 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
    Guvnor’s Vintage Thrift – Brooklyn, NY
    Two Lovers – Brooklyn, NY

  11. Here in Camp Verde AZ there’s Ruby Road Resale Mall. They have tons of vendors and the place is huge. The clothes, shoes and accesories are really reasonable and often on sale. Last week I picked up a Gucci bag for $12 and a Kate Spade for 13. They’re on Howards Road and also have a website.

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