The ONE Reason Now is the Best Time to Thrift Shop

Posted On Monday, December 22nd, 2014
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You never know what the inventory at a thrift store is going to be. It’s either a serious hit {thrift store scores galore!} or an absolute miss and you walk away empty handed. But I always tell people now, right now, is the perfect time to thrift shop and you have better odds of finding serious gems.

And there’s one reason why…everyone’s donating!

I’ve always found December to be a great month to thrift shop. The donations are through the roof. From the shopper who’s cleaning out her closet before the year ends to the family donating last minute items for a 2014 tax write off, you can purchase clothes, accessories, jewelry, home decor and more at a major discount. Also, most people tend to be more generous around the holidays so you can benefit from that giving spirit.


With an increase in inventory, your odds of finding items on your thrift wish list greatly increases.

Also, early January is a prime time to thrift shop. You know that “new year, new you” motto many people develop? Well, that extends to their wardrobe as well and they donate their old threads as they embrace a new style.


Oh, and don’t forget. If you haven’t done your holiday shopping, you can buy last minute Christmas gifts at the thrift shop!

Have you found that this time of year has greater inventory at the thrift shop? Do you donate more clothes at the end of the year?

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7 thoughts on “The ONE Reason Now is the Best Time to Thrift Shop

  1. I went thrifting yesterday and it was pretty much a miss. But you’re right. I went to the same store this time last year and came upon some great finds. I may try again the last week of the year.

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